RevelationsRX Serum Skincare


A skincare line based on serums you ask? Yes. I always tell women serums are the bees knees when it comes to skincare. In my beauty routine, they are the foundation. RevelationsRX by Nuvesse Skin Therapies is a line of skin therapy solutions including roll-on hydrating serums and biocellulose masks that recently came into my beauty arsenal and I can definitely say I’m hooked.

Sheet masks are all the beauty rage right now and I see why. They are convenient, easy to use, and you notice effects immediately. I love to use a mask with my facials. It’s the finishing touch to making my skin feel soft and supple.

The transformative product to me is the Deep Hydrating & Brightening Anytime Serum Roller. Yes, roll-on. As a traveler, this makes me happy that I can add it to my carry-on bag and not worry TSA is going to hijack my beauty routine. This is sheer and utter genius. I couldn’t stop playing with the serum. Brilliant.

I’m traveling later this month and the next few months and I can’t wait to take these products with me. I like to maintain a full beauty routine on the road and RevelationsRX just made this a whole lot easier.

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