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Heart’s Desire Essential Oil by Moon Goddess Magick

Moon Goddess Magick

“Allow me to introduce myself, my name H-O-V.”

This song recently came on my playlist and I couldn’t help but fall in love again with it. Jay-Z is one of my favorite rappers and when I need to feel motivated I put him on. I have been basking in my post-Yoga Journal Conference high this past week, but I would be remiss if I didn’t give a shout out to a new essential oil that entered my life. Allow me to introduce you to the essential oil that I have been carrying around for a week.

Back story. In 2012, I went on a yoga retreat in Provence with my mentor and friend Kimberly Wilson. On that trip, I met the adorable Susie who I took as a little sister. Despite the age gap we clicked. It was like having another niece in my life and I was ecstatic. We always said we were going to do another yoga event together, but real life seemed to get in the way. Then 2015 through us both for a loop and we decided this year is it. After texts, emails, and phone calls we decided to be roomies at the New York City Yoga Journal Conference and I could not have been happier. This girl makes me laugh. All the time. Hysterically.

The night Susie arrived she handed me a gift. In it was Heart’s Desire Essential Oil by Moon Goddess Magick. I thought what a sweetie pie. One whiff and I was hooked. I was all dramatic and said “I need to know who made this. What is this stuff? It is speaking to me. What combination is this?” After numerous questions, Susie said, “it suits you perfectly doesn’t it.” Yep, baby girl it does.

Over the past few years, I have been fascinated with essential oils. Their ability to relax, heal, and aid in so many ailments without the use of modern medicine has been so beneficial to me. Heart’s Desire has not left my side since I received it. I use it day and night. I can’t wait to order a few more bottles of this essential oil goodness for a few friends.

As with all essential oils, please do you research. If you are pregnant check with your doctor first before using. 

RoC® Multi-Corexxion® Daily Moisturizer with Sunscreen


Dear hearts,

Can we discuss the need for sunscreen? It seems that everywhere I turn most of y’all are not wearing any. Darlings, this is a problem. As much as I love being brown girl bronzed I have to stay at least somewhat faithful to my beauty routine which always includes sunscreen.

The older I get, yes getting older is a beautiful thing, I have to be more faithful in my use of sunscreen. It’s the same with my retinol. Until I spent the year working with RoC® Skincare, I vacillated between sometimes and never. Since January, I have put RoC® Multi-Corexxion® Daily Moisturizer with Sunscreen to great use. Even on the days it was bitter cold I kept using my sunscreen.

And retinol. Let me just say that if you use retinol you must use sunscreen. They are husband and wife of beautiful skin in my opinion. They work together to create the happy marriage of skin. The more I used my skincare couple, had an adequate amount of sleep, and healthy foods my skin glowed. The minute I went off the routine well you know what happened. I lost my loving glow and then that loving feeling.

Every top dermatologist will tell you sunscreen and retinol are the secret to slowing down the aging of the skin. Notice I didn’t say “anti-aging.” We are all going to age, but we can help the way we look as we age. Let’s get real. Life is better on this side of the grass.

I want to thank RoC® Skincare for a wonderful year of collaboration. It flew by. Seriously like a dream. It made me get back to using retinol and has given my face the TLC that it deserved and needed because I stayed consistent with the product. The real question is will I keep using RoC® Skincare? In my Mr. Big voice “ab-so-freaking-lutely!”

This post is brought to you in collaboration with RoC® Skincare. All content, ideas, and words are my own. Thanks for supporting the sponsors that allow me to create new and special content like this for All About the Pretty. 

Spa Week $50 Spa Treatments

Spa Week

Spa Week is back starting today and so are their $50 spa treatments. Spa Week is a way to try out different spas and give your sexy self a little spring pampering for less. I think it’s the best time for a few massages and facials. Check the site for specials in your area.

Shopbop Friends & Family Event


One of my favorite online destinations is Shopbop. Since I am on a minimalist kick in my clothes and I don’t want a closet full of things I don’t love. I have been on a strict clothing excavation of my life. There are few items that I want for Spring from Shopbop and I can’t wait to get to shopping. I need to hurry up because their family and friends event sale ends tomorrow and with 25% off the majority of the site I know my favorites may run out.

Wellness Wednesday: My YogaWorks Online Yoga Classes

YogaWorks 1

I can’t get enough of online yoga classes. As much as I am on the go and love to take actual classes sometimes it isn’t possible. If I’m on the move, online classes are the next best thing. I have been testing out My YogaWorks for the past few weeks and I’m in deep love. All my favorite yoga teachers, especially my Los Angeles based teachers are on there and I am able to take class and practice with them from afar. Like now since I have been in Louisiana for a week and it has been pretty hectic since I arrived.

I have been a fan of Alexandria Crow for a long time and always wanted to take a workshop with her. Now, I can take her various level classes and work on my handstand in the process. Yes, it is a process. Last year at the Yoga Journal conference in NYC I took classes with Vinnie Marino and let me tell you what an absolute crush I have on him now. I get to practice online with Vinnie and again at this year’s conference. Vinnie has some of the best music for his playlists. Eka Ekong is new on my yoga teacher crush list and when I need to slow my mind (which is quite often actually), I take her classes and feel renewed.

My YogaWorks classes have great teachers I plan on taking classes with and various series. They have a series on splits that I want to start trying next month. If you are curious to try yoga, take their free 14-day trial. You will be hooked.

yogaworks 2 yogaworks 3 yogaworks 4

Saving Face: Decleor Neroli Essential Night Balm


I’ve been sick for the past four days. I thought it was normal allergies, but then I realized I needed to see a doctor because whatever was going on wasn’t about spring showers and flowers. Afer my check up I was given numerous medications for what was diagnosed as a “very severe sinus infection.” This infection literally wiped me out and put me down. For days, I felt like crap. This morning I woke up and felt about 85% like me.

What this sinus infection has done to my face is just deplorable. I realized last night my skin, especially my nose, felt like I washed it with sandpaper. It was rough even after using my Clarisonic. What is really going on? I have to be on a plane Wednesday and the fact that I’m still on meds is bad enough, but walking around with sandpaper face cannot happen. I went into my beauty arsenal and decided to slather my face in Decleor’s Neroli Essential Night Balm. I normally go to bed looking like a wet seal, but this made me look like a layer of grease was applied to my skin. I didn’t care I needed results and fast.

All I can say is thank you Decleor. This balm healed every single dry patch on my face. I’m not even concerned with de-potting this bad boy for my upcoming travels. I’m bringing the jar with me. I can’t chance a skin relapse.

By any beauty means necessary. Ladies, you understand.

Snail Mail and New Nails


Most weekends I have a routine. Especially on Sunday. It’s my grocery store day to get food for the week so I can come home, meal prep, and relax. My grocery store carries beauty products so I always end up taking a quick detour to the beauty section to what’s new. Lo and behold I stumbled upon the new nail Revlon polishes.

Since I was in a rush I decided to bypass them up. But I couldn’t get this one color out of my mind. It was haunting me and I knew my beauty lust would not be satisfied until I had my hands on a bottle. Ethereal is a milky, creamy, soft white color. It’s not liquid paper white. I headed back to the store to pick up not one, but two bottles. The minute I swiped the first coat I knew I had made the best choice.

Although I’m feeling like crap today due to allergies, I keep looking at my nails and at least that puts a small on my face, along with cute notes to mail out to a friend, and my new new mini clipboard.  It’s the little things ladies. The little things.

Wellness Wednesday: solidcore (the hardest workout in Washington, D.C.)

solidcore 1

A few weeks ago I participated in a class at solidcore. The class has been touted by many people, including my fitness trainer friends as the hardest workout in Washington, D.C.. At first I was skeptical and then I watched the video and became afraid, very afraid. I was still excited to try the workout and glad I put my fear on the back burner.

A few of my blogging friends were at the studio with me so we bonded over fear, sweat, and a kick butt instructor, Alex. I sweated so hard and at times I thought I had been dipped into a pool. I will say it was the hardest workout I have ever done in my life. I’ve taken hardcore exercise classes in New York and L.A. and this one kicked my butt and took everything out of me. There were times I thought I was going to throw up. I pushed through it. And guess what? I loved every single minute, second, and drop of sweat of it.

I was sore for three days after the class and all I can think about is figuring out a way to make solidcore a part of my lifestyle a few days a week.

solidcore 2

{This is after I dried off and was still trying to look cute}

solidcore 3

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