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Spa Week $50 Spa Treatments

Spa Week

Spa Week is back starting today and so are their $50 spa treatments. Spa Week is a way to try out different spas and give your sexy self a little spring pampering for less. I think it’s the best time for a few massages and facials. Check the site for specials in your area.

Saving Face: Decleor Neroli Essential Night Balm


I’ve been sick for the past four days. I thought it was normal allergies, but then I realized I needed to see a doctor because whatever was going on wasn’t about spring showers and flowers. Afer my check up I was given numerous medications for what was diagnosed as a “very severe sinus infection.” This infection literally wiped me out and put me down. For days, I felt like crap. This morning I woke up and felt about 85% like me.

What this sinus infection has done to my face is just deplorable. I realized last night my skin, especially my nose, felt like I washed it with sandpaper. It was rough even after using my Clarisonic. What is really going on? I have to be on a plane Wednesday and the fact that I’m still on meds is bad enough, but walking around with sandpaper face cannot happen. I went into my beauty arsenal and decided to slather my face in Decleor’s Neroli Essential Night Balm. I normally go to bed looking like a wet seal, but this made me look like a layer of grease was applied to my skin. I didn’t care I needed results and fast.

All I can say is thank you Decleor. This balm healed every single dry patch on my face. I’m not even concerned with de-potting this bad boy for my upcoming travels. I’m bringing the jar with me. I can’t chance a skin relapse.

By any beauty means necessary. Ladies, you understand.

Snail Mail and New Nails


Most weekends I have a routine. Especially on Sunday. It’s my grocery store day to get food for the week so I can come home, meal prep, and relax. My grocery store carries beauty products so I always end up taking a quick detour to the beauty section to what’s new. Lo and behold I stumbled upon the new nail Revlon polishes.

Since I was in a rush I decided to bypass them up. But I couldn’t get this one color out of my mind. It was haunting me and I knew my beauty lust would not be satisfied until I had my hands on a bottle. Ethereal is a milky, creamy, soft white color. It’s not liquid paper white. I headed back to the store to pick up not one, but two bottles. The minute I swiped the first coat I knew I had made the best choice.

Although I’m feeling like crap today due to allergies, I keep looking at my nails and at least that puts a small on my face, along with cute notes to mail out to a friend, and my new new mini clipboard.  It’s the little things ladies. The little things.

Nail Saloon Salon in Washington, DC

nailIt takes a special nail salon that gets me to actual want to go and have my nails done. I have a go-to salon in Washington, DC, but I only go for pedicures. I love how super clean my feet feel afterwards, but I don’t get manicures. Why? I’m never happy with the filing, the shaping, and the polishing of my nails. I sit in the chair and stare at my nails and then I’m pissed because I paint my nails better than they do and I have to give them my money.

I’ve been painting my nails since I was seven and my grandmother had me painting her nails with Revlon’s Cherries in the Snow. So when my dear friend Alison wanted to treat me to this “amazing” nail salon I said okay. I was definitely skeptical. The Nail Saloon is a welcome treat.

I walked in and was pleasantly surprised. I loved the look, the feel, and the polish selection. Zoya, Deborah Lipmman and RGB. The salon is a 5-free salon which means the polishes don’t contain Dibutyl Phthalate,Formaldehyde, Resin, Camphor. or Toulene, The salon doesn’t do gels or acrylics – just the nails on your hand without any extra assistance. They have a signature cocktail for you while you get pampered or you could have a glass of wine. Yeah baby! They also give back a percentage of every treatment to young women who need mentors and need to be empowered.

I was pleasantly surprised by my manicure with Marnae and loved every bit of it. I chose RGB’s Too Red and from time to time will treat myself to a manicure at the salon.

2014-12-19 20.18.46


2014-12-19 20.19.33

 {Nails in RGB Too Red}

Nail Saloon

Beauty Duty: Dermaplane Treatment at West Insitute


Last week I had the pleasure of experiencing my first Dermaplane treatment. Notice I said first and not last because I am hooked on this treatment for beautiful skin. What is Dermaplane? Dermaplane is a non-invasive exfoliation treatment which uses a medical-grade scalpel. Seriously, I know it seems crazy that a scalpel would be used on top of the skin. Dermaplane can be used with other treatments such as chemical peels, medical facials and after laser treatments. The beauty of Dermaplane is it removes 2-3 weeks worth of dead skin cells and peach fuzz. Girlfriend, treat yourself to this procedure. Especially after this winter your skin needs some love.

Chelsea, the medical esthetician infformed me on the procedure, the process, and how to take care of my skin post treatment. Seriously if you saw this girl’s skin you would know she knows of what she’s speaking. Her skin was FLAWLESS. Seriously, just beautiful not in the pulled and tugged way, but natural smooth and radiant.

Dermaplane isn’t for everyone and make sure you go to a reputable dermatologist office. If you have active acne or irritated skin – don’t do this. This darlings should NOT be done at home or without a properly certified person. Don’t mess with the visage. Don’t even think about it. Don’t you want glowing skin? I left with three Dermaplane treatments booked every six weeks. Yes, I am a fan. Thank you Dr. West and the entire West Institute team.

{Dr. West’s Custom Cosmeceuticals}


{New SPF for the win}


{One of the treatment rooms}


{Before the magic happened}


{After the magic happened, My skin is soft as a baby’s bottom.}

{Video of the procedure.Yes, that is my face being scraped. And I loved it.}


The West Institute
5330 Wisconsin Avenue
Suite 925
Chevy Chase, MD 20815

Beauty Duty: Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty

Spring 21DOB Beauty Steals

Let’s start off by saying I haven’t stepped foot into an Ulta in over year. It’s not because I don’t like Ulta, but they aren’t close to my house and I hated going out in the cold. Thank goodness they are online and I can get all my needs beauty needs met. But, I miss the tactile experience of visiting Ulta. So, I’m making a date in my calendar to actually go and touch the products since Spring is coming. Yay! I’m excited for their 21 days of Beauty and daily beauty sales. I have my eye on some Tarte and Japonesque.

My Five Favorite Perfume Roll-ons

Perfume roll-ons

You might have noticed a few new changes today on the little ole blog. Yes, it got an update. I wanted cleaner lines, easier reading, and larger photos. The top categories have also been culled into something easier to navigate: beauty, travel, and lifestyle. There’s also an easier way to sign up for my email newsletter. March’s newsletter is going out on Wednesday and you don’t want to miss it. It features a few things not mentioned on le blog. But back to the beauty at hand.

It’s no secret my love affair with the smell goods. Smell goods? Yes, it’s a Southern way of saying something that smells wonderful. In this case, it’s perfume. Years ago I had to hunt and hunt to find perfumes in roll-ons. It seems that every fragrance house just wanted you to buy the full-size bottle of fragrance. I don’t have a problem with that in some instances, but I would prefer to wear the scent before our perfume monogamous relationship begin. Thankfully, some of the perfume gods heard me and now you can find many scents in small servings that are perfect for experiencing the fragrance without committing.

I have been rotating these five roll-ons over the past few months. The fact that I can now travel with Beach is a blessing come true. Because of my belief that I can never have too many scents of distinction here are my current fave perfume roll-ons.

Elizabeth & James Nirvana Black. I usually don’t like celebrity scents. Look at any clearance bin and they are piling up. This one is the real deal and layers well with a few

Bobbi Brown Beach. Who doesn’t want to smell like the beach? For years I was hoping Bobbi would allow me to take one of my favorite scents with me at all times. Now I can. Plus, since I’ve been living like Frosty the Snowgirl this helps with my complaints.

Diptyque Philosykos. I also what to smell like I’m on the Greek isle Mykonos and this reminds me I need a return trip to one of my favorite islands.

Chantecaille Frangipane. Because I can never have too much of an intense vanilla scent. This one is so divine that I have to stop and smell myself.

Byredo Bal d’Afrique. I needed more black amber and cedarwood in my perfume arsenal and this hits on all my sensory needs.

Just Call Me Bag Lady with x Milly


I’m a sucker for a super cute gift-with-purchase bag and the new x Milly is perfect for me. usually has some of the best GWP bags around and this current one is no exception. How about that full size bottle of butter LONDON Nail Polish? You can never go wrong with Arcona. I’m out of my beloved Triad Pads and this is a perfect excuse to stock up on some of the must have essentials for my skin. It’s time to really hunker down and take old lady winter off of my face.

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