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DC Living: La Ferme Restaurant


I recently had the pleasure to celebrate a gem of a restaurant in a suburb of Washington, DC. La Ferme Restaurant is a classic French restaurant that I never heard of. The restaurant celebrates thirty years in the city and is practically unheard of in the restaurant industry. In DC restaurants open and close faster than I can change my mascara, so it was a real treat to celebrate La Ferme. The Francophile in me has a new food favorite.

La Ferme reminds me of a rustic chalet in the French Alps. I am currently planning a full meal with a few of my Francophile friends so we can partake in the house-smoked Norwegian Salmon, Coq Au Vin, and an array of stinky French cheeses.

Later this spring, La Ferme will be adding a new bar, apply named Cognac, featuring a collection of wines, cocktails, and cognacs with a select bar menu offering small bites.

Learn more about La Ferme Restaurant and visit before the DC foodies find out. It’s the best-kept dining secret that soon won’t be a secret.


{House-Smoked Salmon.}


{Cognac wine which was delicious and potent.}


{Rendering of the new Cognac bar.}


Travel Radar: The Vines Resort & Spa – Mendoza, Argentina

VoM 1

It’s been five years since I visited Argentina and I am itching to go back. I recently discovered The Vines Resort & Spa and all I can say is “wow.” The resort is a part of the Leading Hotels of the World and in the heart of Argentine wine country. The Andes Mountains are on one side and the Uco Valley on the other. I can see myself practicing yoga, reading, and relaxing while looking at gorgeous views.

If you’ve watched A Chef’s Table on Netflix you will recognize Francis Mallman who has a restaurant on the property. And it’s on my list to eat there. I’m thinking I should go work harvest in the vineyard and my reward will be my stay.

VoM VoM 2 Vom 3

{I’ll take the cabana on the left, please.}

Vom 4

{Wine, all the time!}

Vom 5

{I want to dance with a gaucho}

Vom 6

{And watch Mallman cook with fire.}

vom 7

Vom 8

{Here’s where I will end each day of working in the vineyard, eating, and sipping Malbec.}


VOM 10

RevelationsRX Serum Skincare


A skincare line based on serums you ask? Yes. I always tell women serums are the bees knees when it comes to skincare. In my beauty routine, they are the foundation. RevelationsRX by Nuvesse Skin Therapies is a line of skin therapy solutions including roll-on hydrating serums and biocellulose masks that recently came into my beauty arsenal and I can definitely say I’m hooked.

Sheet masks are all the beauty rage right now and I see why. They are convenient, easy to use, and you notice effects immediately. I love to use a mask with my facials. It’s the finishing touch to making my skin feel soft and supple.

The transformative product to me is the Deep Hydrating & Brightening Anytime Serum Roller. Yes, roll-on. As a traveler, this makes me happy that I can add it to my carry-on bag and not worry TSA is going to hijack my beauty routine. This is sheer and utter genius. I couldn’t stop playing with the serum. Brilliant. 

I tried all of the RevelationsRX masks and my favorite is the Deep Hydrating & Brightening Face Mask. The weather has been crazy here in DC. We had a snowstorm and then a week later it was 60 degrees. My skin doesn’t know what it wants to do. This mask leaves my skin glowing and hydrated and contains the equivalent of a full bottle of serum. My skin feels like I’ve been guzzling liters of water.

I tried all of the RevelationsRX sheet masks and my favorite is the Deep Hydrating & Brightening Face Mask. The weather has been crazy here in DC. We had a snowstorm and then a week later it was 60 degrees. My skin doesn’t know what it wants to do. This mask leaves my skin glowing and hydrated like I’ve been guzzling liters of water.

I’m traveling later this month and the next few months and I can’t wait to take these products with me. I like to maintain a full beauty routine on the road and RevelationsRX just made this a whole lot easier.

Hello From the Beauty Side

Hello From the Other Side

Well, hello there friends. How have you been? I’ve been recovering well on this end and feeling I can finally get back to writing on the business of all things beautiful. I recently had a conversation with a good friend and we were discussing how life is about simple luxuries. If you follow me on Instagram (you really should) I have added the slogan as a hashtag. This surgery taught me so much about myself and really about my husband. Talk about a trooper.

I recently decided to up my retinol usage for my skin. I was in my hospital room doing my normal skin routine and realized some of the products I was using was working and some it wasn’t. There’s nothing like harsh hospital lighting to make a girl rethink her entire beauty routine. I didn’t know if it was all the medication or the fact that I wasn’t on my normal eating schedule, but I felt my face lacked a little sumthin’ sumthin’. I decided during my recovery to stalk a few retinol products to try and I wanted to try the ones which were getting rave reviews.

Then Sunday Riley’s Luna Sleeping Oil and Good Genes came into my world. Well, darling – talk about a simple luxury. These two products together are like Tina Fey and Amy Poehler hosting the Golden Globes. Now here’s the thing darling. Once you start them you WILL become addicted. I mean addicted. My suggestion in case you aren’t ready to jump into the deep end of the Sunday Riley beauty hole is to get the starter set from Sephora. Your face will thank you. You need this is your beauty arsenal ASAP.


Silk Therapeutics 2

In my second review for Silk Therapeutics, I wanted to focus on power products I use in my skincare beauty routine.  I know it seems that every beauty routine has to have you contoured like a reality star and a full face of makeup to go to the grocery store. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not against that at all. What I find interesting is when all the makeup is removed the skin looks terrible. I have said it for years and now say it with me: pretty makeup looks good on pretty skin.

I don’t care how expensive the foundation, tinted moisturizer, concealer, and blush. If your skin looks bad underneath, maybe it’s time to get a better skin routine and ditch a lot of the makeup. Just saying.

With that being said let’s move back to power products. Power products are intense. They contain ingredients to diminish the look of fine lines and aid in the appearance of the skin. Basically, it gives the skin luster or a glow. Even during my hospitalization, I made sure I brought my beauty routine. Yeah, the nurses laughed and commented, but then they started asking questions on the products I brought with me to the hospital.

I am a big believer in using eye cream more and night. I don’t like a heavy eye cream that seems to sit on the skin. Applying to the orbital lobe by not pulling the skin. I like to pat my eye cream on then lightly rub. The Silk Therapeutics Eye Revive went on so smoothly I had all the nurses trying it. Now, my favorite product besides the peel is the Silk Intensive C Serum. Oh my goodness, this is some good stuff. If you haven’t added a serum to your beauty routine you must. I like a lightweight serum, especially when using a heavier moisturizer. This went on like velvet, is luscious, and nourishing.

My beauty conclusion? :My skin has never looked better and Silk Therapeutics will remain in the beauty arsenal.

Esquire TV: Uncorked Wine Series


When I first met my husband he was mainly a beer drinker and I was mainly a wine drinker. I started getting into wine in my early 20s, but it really expanded in my 30s. I love reading about the regions, appellations, years, etc. and why certain wines thrive in certain climates and so forth.  A few of my friends started to call me a wine snob after working at Wiliams-Sonoma. Why? Because I couldn’t drink wine without the right glass. The right glass matters.

When I did the taste test with the husband he got it as well. It really does make a difference. Now, I only drink certain wines out of certain glasses and if you bring a sweet wine to my home as a gift (especially Moscato or anything with the name “Red Velvet” wine) you will be leaving with your wine. No. Sweet. Wine. Ever. The only exception is a Sauterne and you brought dessert to accompany the wine. (more…)

Travel Radar: Wellness Suites at Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit

Spa suite

As a beauty writer, I can’t see writing about beauty without writing about travel, especially spas. I’m a spa junkie, especially on vacation. I believe it adds to the experience. Traveling is hard. It’s fun, but it’s hard. The long lines, the waiting, the delays can wreak havoc on your psyche when you travel so a spa allows you to regroup and get back to the center. You.

I am glad to see hotels embracing the wellness movement because it is not going away. I want my fitness, wellness, beach, and fun all at the same place. That is why I’m drooling over the Wellness suites at the Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit. The suites have Alchimia Aromatherapy Kits in various scent to help you relax and reenergize. There are only twelve suites, but I know one has my name on it.

Shopbop Go Big Sale


I’m home recovering from my surgery, but I wanted to let you know about Shopbop’s current sale that starts today. This is not a “holiday shopping” for you. It’s a “treat yo’self” post. In my family, we don’t go crazy buying gifts. We believe in treating yourself all year long. Also my birthday is next month and I’m treating myself. For the past few years Shopbop has been one of my go-to shopping destinations. Not just for clothes, but candles, paper, books, and a few home decor items.

Since I’m cooped up I need my surroundings to smell divine. I have an insane love for Jonathan Adler candles, Tom Dixon candles, and Garance Doré paper.

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