Dove Documentary Selfie


Dove just released its new documentary that premiered at The Sundance Film Festival entitled Selfie. I urge all women to watch this especially mothers and daughters. I didn’t grow up in the age of the selfie and I can only imagine how a young girl’s self-esteem can be pummeled because of mean people. I am [...]

Travel Diary: Desert Renewal in Phoenix, Arizona – Day 2

Center for Well-Being

The best way to appreciate a desert renewal consists of being inside and outdoors. This renewal included yoga, hiking, spa treatments, and meditation. The Centre for Well-Being at The Phoenician is located at the center of the property and with up-close and breathtaking views and access to Camelback Mountain. The Centre is a respite from [...]

Wellness Wednesday: UP24 by Jawbone

Jawbone Up

If getting fit and healthy was part of your new year’s resolution I highly recommend the UP24 by Jawbone. I received the band as one of my birthday presents from my husband. Let me say I specifically requested the UP24. I sent an email saying “I want this for my birthday.” I first heard about the [...]

Travel Diary: Desert Renewal in Phoenix, Arizona – Day 1

Camelback Mountain

Phoenix, Arizona is mostly known for its summer heat, but Phoenix is looking exceptionally lovely today as we are dealing with the Polar Vortex. I would rather be in the desert, riding on a highway viewing mountains without snow, and being able to stand-up paddleboard on Saguaro Lake. The sixth largest city in the country [...]

WEI Beauty Pass the Hydration, Please?

Wei Hydrating Cream

I hope everyone is having a lovely new year so far. It was great to take a few weeks off, visit family, and not work. Just being with them, fully present was so much fun. It was a great gift to myself.  I’m excited to say I rocked my 5-day whole foods eating cleanse. In [...]

Reading Pretty: Happier at Home by Gretchen Rubin

Happier at Home

Happier at Home. A perfect book for the start of a new year. But how do you make that true when it’s July and nothing seems to be going right? It’s simple. It’s a choice. That’s how I’m looking at another year to begin again. One of my big complaints is the weather here in [...]

Happy Birthday to Me and Thankful for Another Year

Unraveling 2014.p1

As I have gotten older I realize the years seem to speed buy. When I was a kid it seemed as though I would never be an adult. I know you understand. It’s like where has the time gone. I’m thankful for another year full of love, laughter, fun, travel, and beauty. I start my calendar [...]

Chanel No. 5 Intense Bath Oil

Chanel No. 5 Intense Bath Oil

  Lately my insomnia has reared her ugly head. I go to bed yawning and ready for sleep, but at 4 a.m. on the dot I’m wide awake. I know I’m only getting 5-6 hours and for me that is not enough. I try to will myself to go back to sleep, but 30 minutes [...]

{11.22.13} Le Weekend


I’m currently listening to Christmas music. I know it’s early, but it is the most wonderful time of year. We don’t go crazy at Christmas in my family because you have to live after Christmas. We exchange names and it is so easy. Because of that, I’m working on great holiday guides that will post [...]

Agave Baby! FarmHouse Fresh Agave Nectar Body Oil

Farmhouse Fresh Body Oil

“Your body is bangin baby I love it when you flaunt it, time to give it to daddy, now tell me how you want it!” ~ How Do You Want It? by Tupac I can’t seem to get enough of this song right now. I don’t know why I keep it singing it, but it’s [...]

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