Egypt Adventure

Over the past few years, I realized I have always lived by the motto All About the Pretty. Since starting my blog almost a decade ago tomorrow (March 12 was the official first post – where did the time really go), so many changes have happened. I’m no longer working as a legal assistant and single. I’m married, pursuing a very different and exciting career path (more in the next few months), about to resume traveling after my surgery in November, and deciding to make changes I’ve been planning for awhile but was afraid. I’m biting the preferable bullet.

This blog has allowed me to meet good, smart, and engaging people in the world not in terms of just work, but in real world connections. I have so many friends and I thank God every day for Tia Williams encouraging me to start a blog in March 2006. Neiman Marcus fueled so many amazing posts and my love of travel allowed me to believe it was never too late to start something you love. Travel was a big part of my life before the word blog entered my mind. My yearly beauty trips to Paris started in 2002. I’ve had so many amazing opportunities and look forward to what is to come.

The experiences I’ve had because of All About the Pretty are too vast to name here. I have beautiful memories and the best thing about having a blog is the space to read them and re-live them any given time.

Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere in the online space, but moving and switching everything over to what fits me at this time in my life, just me –

Beauty. Life. Travel. Stories.

Join the pretty party in my new home next week.

This site will continue to live here, but if you want to continue to read and follow along please support the new site. Thank you for 10 years of beauty-FULL love.

Here’s to looking for more adventures in life that are All About the Pretty. 

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