Esquire TV: Uncorked Wine Series


When I first met my husband he was mainly a beer drinker and I was mainly a wine drinker. I started getting into wine in my early 20s, but it really expanded in my 30s. I love reading about the regions, appellations, years, etc. and why certain wines thrive in certain climates and so forth.  A few of my friends started to call me a wine snob after working at Wiliams-Sonoma. Why? Because I couldn’t drink wine without the right glass. The right glass matters.

When I did the taste test with the husband he got it as well. It really does make a difference. Now, I only drink certain wines out of certain glasses and if you bring a sweet wine to my home as a gift (especially Moscato or anything with the name “Red Velvet” wine) you will be leaving with your wine. No. Sweet. Wine. Ever. The only exception is a Sauterne and you brought dessert to accompany the wine.


Eventually, my husband came around into “this wine is amazing and this wine is just not right” camp which makes me very happy. A few months ago we sat down to watch Somm on Netflix. It’s about the journey of a wine sommelier to achieve a Master of Wine Sommelier Certification which is hard as hell. If you haven’t watched it I highly recommend it. All my wine friends and I discussed it in great detail. It gave me a new appreciation for the sommeliers out there. That test is ridiculous.

Now, Esquire TV has continued my wine fantasy with their new series Uncorked which follows six sommeliers on their quest to become Master Sommeliers. I was able to watch a preview of the series and I am hooked. I have a few people I’m rooting for to pass the test and as I sipped my Bella Glos Pinot Noir, I toasted all the sommeliers.

Although it wasn’t the 1986 Château Palmer I was sipping, I hope they continue the series because I’m hooked and uncorked.

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