Feasting Pretty: Heritage BBQ by Cochon 555


I was elated to receive the email asking if I wanted to cover the Heritage BBQ event presented by Cochon 555. I almost cried. This was one of the food events I always wanted to attend but was never in town to do so. Cochon means “pig” in French, so the event had pork prepared various ways by local chefs. It is taken very seriously because it’s bragging rights for the chefs. Cochon 555 only uses heritage pigs. The best pigs in the world without all the crap that most farm animals have now.

One of my favorite restaurants in DC is Graffiato and I was happy to hear Chef Jose Adorno won. For more event photos check here. Cochon 555 tour all over the U.S. and I suggest snagging a ticket if you are into food. You will not be disappointed.

IMG_3474 IMG_3476 IMG_3478 IMG_3480

{A classic Manhattan in a mason jar. Love.}


{These pig skins were worth every calorie.}

IMG_3483 IMG_3484 IMG_3485


IMG_3486 IMG_3488

{Chef Marc Pauvert butchering one of the pigs}

IMG_3491 IMG_3493 IMG_3494 IMG_3535 IMG_3536 IMG_3537 IMG_3539 IMG_3542 IMG_3543

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