Le Weekend

Gray Malin

November is flying by which means Christmas is around the corner. I love the Christmas season, but I’m grateful that my family doesn’t go crazy for Christmas. It’s about family and not the gift. This week has been tiring. I know I gained an hour of sleep, but I still don’t feel like I’m adjusting well. Plus, the sun is setting before 5pm and I’m not feeling that at all.

  1. Most people know I love to travel, but hate to fly. Then I read an article like this and guess what? It makes me hate flying more. Will that stop me? Nope but the hate is intensified.
  2. My friend Andrea wrote a great story on cornrows and cultural appropriation.
  3. I really want to try relaxing with an adult coloring book, but I don’t want to add another hobby to my already never-ending hobby list.
  4. I went kind of nuts when I discovered these Beekman soaps. Natural, moisturizing, and good.
  5. I can’t wait to make this dish. It’s perfect for the chilly and rainy weather we’ve been having.

Photo: Gray Malin


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