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All I want this weekend it to make my spiked apple cider hot toddy, finish a few of my advanced reader copy books, and binge-watch old Barefoot Contessa episodes. It’s been a busy week, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. It means I’m doing things I love and I’m happy.

  1. I’m not in the camp that if you drink coffee you don’t drink tea. I’m an equal opportunity beverage girl. I’m picky about my coffee and love a good strong cup of coffee. I recently discovered Marley Coffee’s One Love and it’s been in heavy rotation in our house. It just drop-kicked Verona to the curb.
  2. I have a serious girl crush on Chrissy Teigen. I think she is hilarious and my dream is to eat food, drink and laugh with her. She’s so funny and real. Here are a few reasons she makes me smile.
  3. I want to get enough strength to go and smell this candle, but I think it’s not going to happen. Maison Francis Kurkdijan doesn’t make anything bad so his holiday candle has to be in my home. Maybe I need to order it “sight unsniffed.”
  4. I had this Cabernet Sauvignon a few years ago and it has become my weekday red, not to be confused with my weekend red. I was always on the hunt for a good deal for it then my beloved Costco started selling it. A very happy wine girl.
  5. J.K. Rowling just made my weekend. Yep, the new Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Illustrated Edition has made its way on the bookshelf. Happy girl.

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