Le Weekend

Keep Calm and love Autumn

I’m so excited to go apple picking tomorrow, visiting a local winery, and having multiple laughs that I hope I sleep well tonight. I’m excited to make my apple and blue cheese galette. It’s one of the things I look forward to this time of year. The weather is crisp and the leaves are getting the beautiful orange and plum hue that signals fall.

  1. I love whipped body butter, but I realized I could just make it myself with a little elbow grease. I watched this video, gathered my ingredients, and now you can’t stop me. My skin is going to be so soft that I actually want to pet it like a puppy. Also, I like that the scent isn’t over-powering. I combined lavender and Madagascar rose essential oils, but only a little bit. Divine. I put mine in glass sixteen-ounce jars I picked up at Homegoods because they make my beauty shelf look purr-ty.
  2. I love Rihanna and her unapologetic love of herself. I think she is smart and badass at the same time. This article reaffirms why I love her. Some people on these interwebs were made that the writer focused on herself more than Rihanna. Tell me what you think.
  3. The Man Booker Prize for Fiction was just announced and I was ecstatic to hear Marlon James won for a Brief History of Seven Killings. The book is so good, but it is very violent. I mean it’s tough. But, if you can get past that it is worth reading.
  4. Every year Neiman Marcus comes out with their annual Christmas Book of ridiculously crazy expensive things that I would buy if I won the lottery. It’s hilarious to look at. I take the time with a cup of tea and laugh out loud. Sometimes, there are a few gems in my price point but not many. It’s an anthropological study in how the other half lives.
  5. On most Fridays, I’m exhausted from the week and normally I’m on the couch watching documentaries on Netflix. Tonight I plan to watch them from the bath because my new ISUN ORMUS bath salts have arrived and plan on soaking until I’m as wrinkled as a raisin.

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