Four Fall Scents You Need in Your Beauty Arsenal

Four Fall Scents

Every season I look forward to the scents that will be added to the beauty arsenal. This fall I have been waiting for a few to be released and now since they have arrived I am in deep passionate fragrance love. I love to wear alone and then layer until the right combination fills my senses and makes me happy every time I get a whiff of myself. Yes, I need to smell the fragrance on me.

I don’t adhere to the “signature” scent motto. Some people do, but it’s like a handbag or a pair of shoes. Fragrance is an accessory and I like to be a different woman through scent every day.

Alaïa. I have waited many moons for this scent. When I first heard the legendary designer was creating a scent I put the date in my calendar. I needed to know when it hit the shelves. The email came and I found myself at Saks and the rest is beauty girl history. It’s dark and brooding with lots of musk.

Norell. If you ask a lady of a certain age like myself they remember Norell. This reboot is just as good as the original and brings back so many memories of a young girl playing at the beauty counter of Neiman Marcus. Now, I’m a big girl playing at the beauty counter at I can’t get enough.

Creed’s Royal Mayfair. First off this is considered a man’s scent. I. Don’t. Care. It smells so delicious on me that I couldn’t bear not to have it in my life. I paired this with Jo Malone’s Orange Blossom and it was so divine men were asking me what I was wearing. One guy asked for the combination to buy for his wife. I hope she enjoys it as much as me.

Gardenia de Robert Piguet. Piguet is known for Fracas. The classic and legendary scent tuberose-based scent. This is classic gardenia and deserves a standing beauty ovation because this scent is out of this world for us gardenia lovers.

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