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Destination Pretty: Amangiri Hatha Yoga Retreat

I just got back from St. Maarten and I’m ready to hit the road again. This was the first trip in a long time where I was committed to some type of movement every day. I was definitely walking a lot, but I was able to sneak in small amounts of yoga here and there.

What I really need is another fitness retreat and high on my radar is the Hatha Yoga Retreat at Amangiri next month with Rocky Heron. Rocky has been a yogi since his teenage years and he is also a musician. Each evening class with end with a restorative yoga class set to music. The yoga retreat features three daily classes tailored to new yoga students and experienced yoga practitioners.

Aman Resorts are intimate and small luxury hotels that began in 1988 with their Phuket, Thailand property. Each property gives a similar luxurious experience, but the design aesthetic is completely different. The hotel features a 25,000 square feet spa (The Aman Spa), Water Pavilion, Fitness Center, and Yoga Pavilion with views of the canyon. The Amangiri property in Utah is set among a protective valley and is for the person who wants to get away. That is me and hopefully you too.

I can see myself doing a shoulder stand here.

I want to read my Kindle while sitting outside under the stars.