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Why I Love Beyoncé

I usually don’t talk about my celebrity crushes. I have a few, but one of my favorites is Beyoncé. We are from the same city, Houston and I grew up hearing about her talents. My very first weave was at her mother’s hair salon –  Headliners. Going to that salon gave me the excuse to visit Brazos Bookstore which was across the street and was a monthly fix for my dad and I.

I appreciate seeing hard work, talent, and drive at its best. Beyoncé is no exception. I watched the Year of 4 so many times that I can recite it verbatim. I was fortunate to see her in concert for her last tour and she blew me away. I even think le beau had a great time. I own all her concert DVDs and she is a constant inspiration. Watching her concerts are like watching your favorite movie over and over again.

If you need some inspiration watch this video and see Beyoncé run her world. Hopefully this will inspire to run your world too.