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Feasting Pretty: Why I’m Addicted to My Breville Juice Fountain Plus

I am sure you know by now that this juice craze isn’t going away. I am not the person who drinks juices for days and don’t eat. I know many people do juice fasting/cleansing, but it is not my thing. I juice as an addition to healthy and clean eating. I remember when I watched Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead and was intrigued by the director being on an extended juice fast. I had started to read the benefits on juicing and knew deep down my body needed it. Juicing is different than making smoothies. Juicing extracts juice. But, I waited many months to actually purchase a juicer.

Over the pass few years le husband and I decided to eat whole foods and few processed foods. The freshest and best we can afford. Is it a little more costly? Yes. But, I can’t give it up. My skin has never looked better. I feel great and since we are on the other side of thirty we are preserving the sexy. I didn’t realize that juicing would change me. Whoa! I am seriously addicted. As much as I love coffee, I have a caffeine sensitivity. Even half a cup at 3pm had me counting sheep at midnight. I went to decaf because I love the flavor of coffee, but I still wanted to see if I could get the juice high that I read about.

So I ordered me a juicer from Breville (seriously the machine is so simple, easy to clean, and worth every cent). Breville’s are a true luxury juicer. When I grow up I am going to get the mack-daddy juicer by Breville. For now I have the Juice Fountain Plus and couldn’t be happier. As much as I am on the go, I try to stick to fresh foods, but it is hard when traveling so much. Eating well is easier when I’m the one doing the shopping and cooking. The minute I return home it is all about the juice. For me I don’t like straight green juice. I need some sweetness. But, I have found the combination that works, gives me a jolt, and is delicious.

I think the key for juicing is having clean vegetables and fruits for juicing. I have friends who laugh at me, but after I “make” groceries (Southern terminology for going to the market) I wash and store everything. If you have to wash kale before you juice it more than likely it is not going to happen. Preparation is key. With so much fruit available this time of year, it is a great time to start.I haven’t completely given up meat (that will NOT happen), but I am eating less meat and only sustainable meat products.

If beauty starts within, I think juicing may be my fountain of youth. Happy juicing.

Julia’s Green Juice

{All products are organic. I drink mine over ice – room temperature green juice is not good.}

7 stalks of curly kale (I tried with Tuscan and didn’t like it)
2 handle of spinach (stuff the spinach between two pieces of kale so they don’t go floating around the juicer
4 carrots
1 apple (2 makes it even sweeter)
1 lemon
*1 beet will turn the juice red and give it a little more sweetness. You can always substitute oranges or pineapple for sweetness.