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Bronx Naturals Candle in Bella

This past weekend was so relaxing. I curled up the majority of the time on the couch with my Kindle and the Olympics. I also had my Graphic Image 2013 date calendar because although we are four months until a new year, I have to block out dates for travel. I always wished I could be a “fly by the seat of my pants” type person, but this isn’t me. I need plans, structure, and order. I believe organization makes my life run smooth. Hence, the calendar. I find it fun planning.

I have a routine and always involves a candle. Instead of my usual burning of multiple candles at a time, I decided to start enjoying them individually. Currently, The Bronx Naturals Bella Candle is in heavy rotation. The candle has notes of peach and sandalwood, soy-based, and burns clean. I am currently trying to get through The Expats before next week. My goal for the rest of the year is one book a week. Hopefully, Bella will keep me company for a few more weeks.