Chanel No. 5 Intense Bath Oil

Chanel No. 5 Intense Bath Oil

  Lately my insomnia has reared her ugly head. I go to bed yawning and ready for sleep, but at 4 a.m. on the dot I’m wide awake. I know I’m only getting 5-6 hours and for me that is not enough. I try to will myself to go back to sleep, but 30 minutes […]

Scent, An Inspiration: CHANEL Coco Noir

Coco Noir

As with all beauty things, CHANEL never ceases to amaze me. I’m a lifelong fan of CHANEL No. 5, but I think Coco Noir will be creeping up to take the CHANEL beauty throne. The scent officially launches on Friday, August 17. I will tell you to go ahead and pre-order this divine elixir. Call […]

Beauty Buzz: CHANEL Soho Limited Edition Collection

To celebrate the reopening of the CHANEL Boutique in SoHo, CHANEL Global Creative Director of Makeup Peter Philips has created a limited edition collection that echoes the spirit of SoHo. “For me, SoHo is a place where Bohemian ideals meet the toughness of the city… I love the tension and energy this creates.” says Peter […]