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Chantecaille Ultra-Sun Protection SPF50

As I type this I’m thinking where has my summer gone. I’m headed back out of town in less than two weeks and I need many more nights of sitting on my patio, reading, and sipping wine. I know people are looking forward to fall, but I’m not. I want more hot days, so I can have more beach days. Beach days mean tanned skin, dewy, and limited makeup.

I was on the lookout for a new travel SPF and I found it. I knew I needed a few things – it needed to be in a tube and feel lightweight. I was perusing one of my favorite beauty websites and their she was. I needed enough SPF to survive the sun in Hawaii and that was easily accessible in a carry-on. I am not checking a bag and the majority of my sunscreen products are well over the size limit. Chantecaille Ultra-Sun Protection is just what I need. They also have a gel bronzer that I have my eye on, but I am trying to be good. We will see what happens.

Have a very happy weekend.