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Clarisonic PLUS Sonic Skin Cleansing Systems

I admit I am super late to the Clarisonic bandwagon. Seriously, my beauty girls have raved and pondered on how much they love this product. I was on the fence for different reasons such as (1) I get regular facials, (2) taking care of my skin is second-nature, and (3) I felt I didn’t need. I feel I’m rocking 39. Yes, I admit my age. I’m 39 and still show my face lots of TLC. I wanted to test the one that works on the face and the body. Let’s just say this girl is now hooked. The Clarisonic is on my list of must have for life.
My face felt like liquid silk after just one use of the Clarisonic. Seriously, it sloughed and whipped my skin into such a beauty submission that I’m still reveling in the nostalgia of it all. Of course, I had to slather my skin with my normal night time routine (eye cream, décolleté cream, serum, and night cream). Don’t even think to tell me it’s a lot. It’s beauty maintenance.
This product makes me want to do my happy dance. This is the dance I do when I discovered something life changing. It makes me want to sing from the mountains how much I love this product. It’s like a party for the face. In the words of my girl Beyoncé “we like to party” and I’m partying all the skincare day long with Clarisonic. Now all I need is the Mia Clarisonic in red for travel bag and my I’m set.