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CoverGirl Clump Crusher by LashBlast Mascara

I haven’t jumped on the lash extension train yet, but until I do I will be testing out new and fun mascaras. The latest in the beauty arsenal is the dynamo from CoverGirl. Ladies prepare for the Clump Crusher. I was a little skeptical that this mascara would make me happy. I am still in love with the original CoverGirl LashBlast and didn’t think they could top it. I was so wrong and I can admit. CoverGirl did it again with this mascara. I applied two coats of this and my lashes loved it. I used the Very Black color because I like dark lashes. No clumps for the lady lashes. Today was another good beauty day.

CoverGirl Natural Luxe Gloss Balm

There’s a magic that happens when you have time to examine all the beauty on a run to the drugstore. Since I’ve been home working I’m able to do something that was reserved for once a week. Polish changes. I paint my nails at least twice a week so I’m constantly in need of cotton balls. Which means a drugstore run? It also means discovering something new.

My normal CoverGirl haul is usually LashBlast mascara. But on my last visit to the drugstore it’s the CoverGirl Natural Luxe Gloss Balm.   For years I kept a running stash of the Lipslicks in Bronze Goddess. I hoarded them. Lately, everything is about a balm. A moisturizing, color-fueled balm, to reapply until my heart is content.  Another beauty bonus is that it stayed on during yoga class.

My current picks are on the photo, but Anemone is going to find a place in my beauty bag very soon.