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Shopbop Spring Sale

Shopbop Spring Sale

My favorite online shopping boutique, Shopbop is currently having their spring sale. I’ve become very choosy about my what I’m buying and Shopbop never lets me down. It’s my go to for all my flowy, springy, dresses and great cashmere from Equipment.

Shopbop Go Big Sale


I’m home recovering from my surgery, but I wanted to let you know about Shopbop’s current sale that starts today. This is not a “holiday shopping” for you. It’s a “treat yo’self” post. In my family, we don’t go crazy buying gifts. We believe in treating yourself all year long. Also my birthday is next month and I’m treating myself. For the past few years Shopbop has been one of my go-to shopping destinations. Not just for clothes, but candles, paper, books, and a few home decor items.

Since I’m cooped up I need my surroundings to smell divine. I have an insane love for Jonathan Adler candles, Tom Dixon candles, and Garance Doré paper.

Bespoke Tailoring with Kathryn Sargent

I recently had the pleasure of meeting and learning the art of  tailoring from Kathryn Sargent. You might say to yourself “tailoring?” Yes, I know. It may seem small or something that is not on your radar, but it should. We currently live in a world of cheap and fast fashion. I know. I’ve been there and bought the pieces. Now, I’m like no way. I’m done. Bespoke tailoring is very different than fixing a hem. It is custom clothing made to your exact body shape and only for you.

The Jefferson Hotel in DC has partnered with Kathryn and their distinguished clientele to create a partnership for bespoke tailoring. Kathryn was on hand to present the craft of bespoke tailoring, showcase a few items for her American clientele, and explain the bespoke process.

Kathryn spent 15 years working with one of London’s premiere Savile Row tailors to learn the craft. The work is impeccable and if I ever have the money I would live in custom clothing and a few pieces from Kathryn.

Kathryn Sargent Bespoke Tailoring
No.6 Brook Street
1st Floor, Mayfair, London, W1S 1BB

{Roses and wine at the Tailored Tea event with Kathryn Sargent.}



IMG_3712 IMG_3713

{Details. Hand stitched.}

IMG_3714{Very English natty tweeds.}

IMG_3715 IMG_3716 IMG_3719

Shopbop Friends & Family Sale Starts Today


Shopbop is one of my favorite places to shop online. Since I’m only buying very limited amounts of clothing, I’m curating my closet to only have beautiful and luxurious items. I love every single item I’ve purchased from Shopbop. So when they have a friends and family sale it’s worth spreading the love.

Happy fall shopping.

Dior and I

Dior and I

Last week before I headed to South Florida, my friend and I decided to see the limited release fashion documentary Dior and I. It was such a treat. The documentary follows Raf Simmons the new designer at Dior for his first haute couture show. He had to create the show in less than 8 weeks. Yes, you read correctly. In less than two months, he had to create a couture show for the house with original ideas with past influences.

The movie shows how much work and time goes into couture and why the dress is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. It also explains how the atelier and the designer sometimes butt heads. This film is for the true fashion lovers who love history, whimsy, and exceptional talent. The movie is in limited release so hurry and go see it.

It also gives you a glimpse of Paris and that is always a good thing.

Shopbop Friends & Family Event


One of my favorite online destinations is Shopbop. Since I am on a minimalist kick in my clothes and I don’t want a closet full of things I don’t love. I have been on a strict clothing excavation of my life. There are few items that I want for Spring from Shopbop and I can’t wait to get to shopping. I need to hurry up because their family and friends event sale ends tomorrow and with 25% off the majority of the site I know my favorites may run out.

Joyo Laser Cut Necklace




I’m a huge fan of jewelry. I usually stick to a uniform as I like to call it or as my friend Monica likes to say “basically fabulous.” I’m a huge fan of statement necklaces and I just added this new Joyo Laser Cut Necklace to my collection. This one is a perfect weight and style for fall. This necklace grabs lots of attention because of the material and the design and that’s the best part. It’s not something you see on a lot of people, but I have a feeling that is not going to be the case in the coming months. Joyo is the best kept jewelry secret and it’s my job to let the jewelry out of the bag.

JORD Wooden Watches

Jord Wooden Watches

I like to think I’m simple. Pause for the laughter effect right here. My husband would beg to differ. I like what I like. I am just as happy being spontaneous and having a schedule. Over the past few years my motto has been “the art of appropriate acquisitions.” After one to many events in DC with every girl wearing the same Zara dress/shoes/shirt, I realized that having a uniform works best for me. I never thought I would be that girl, but it has made life easy. I’m playful in other areas of my life, but with clothes not anymore. It’s the French way of life – quality over quantity.

It’s the same with watches. I’m a stickler for time. It really bothers me to be late so I do try to plan accordingly. I have two watches. An old faithful Michael Kors watch I’ve had since 2007 and been wearing before everyone started wearing them and a sports watch. When the lovely people at JORD Wooden Watches suggested I try one of their wooden watches I was intrigued. A watch made of wood. This definitely got me out of my comfort zone.

JORD Watches are seriously made of 99% wood. The minute I opened the box the smell of fresh wood rose up to greet me. It’s classic, simple, and understated. I love to be blinged out on my arms and this provides the perfect amount of arm candy. It’s light and durable. It passed the sweaty yoga class with flying colors. As I perused the watch I already knew it would become my new staple. And it has.

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