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Books and Wine

Books and Wine

I always say I like it when a plan comes together and right now those plans involve wine and books. I’ve been frequenting my library to read paper books because a lot of current books aren’t available for my Kindle. I didn’t realize until I went to open my new bottle of red wine how my new book cover and new wine match up beautifully. I can’t wait to dive head first into The Ramblers and drink Fiction Wine.

If you are curious about The Ramblers. Here’s an excerpt from the author’s website.

Simple luxuries.

The Ramblers

DC Living: Maryland Wine Passport Experience

Maryland Passport Wine

If you are in the Washington, DC area and wondering what to do this weekend or next weekend, I suggest the Maryland Wine Passport Experience. You might be saying to yourself “I didn’t know Maryland made wine.” Yes, they do. The Passport Experience is a self-guided tour through the wine trails of Maryland to see the culture and wine each region offers. The passport also allows you to go on both weekends to explore local wine, attractions and dine at a few of the restaurants.

Hopefully, I will see you on the trail.

Esquire TV: Uncorked Wine Series


When I first met my husband he was mainly a beer drinker and I was mainly a wine drinker. I started getting into wine in my early 20s, but it really expanded in my 30s. I love reading about the regions, appellations, years, etc. and why certain wines thrive in certain climates and so forth.  A few of my friends started to call me a wine snob after working at Wiliams-Sonoma. Why? Because I couldn’t drink wine without the right glass. The right glass matters.

When I did the taste test with the husband he got it as well. It really does make a difference. Now, I only drink certain wines out of certain glasses and if you bring a sweet wine to my home as a gift (especially Moscato or anything with the name “Red Velvet” wine) you will be leaving with your wine. No. Sweet. Wine. Ever. The only exception is a Sauterne and you brought dessert to accompany the wine. (more…)

Feasting Pretty: Taberna de Alabardero (Washington, DC) Fall Menu


Travel opens your eyes to many things. It could be getting out of your comfort zone, getting to know yourself better, and understanding another culture. For me, the best way I learn about another culture is through their food. Food tells a story. It also tells history through a dish. Spain is a country that is close to my heart. It’s the first place I traveled with my husband and where if I admit now, I fell hard for him. As we discovered Spain, its history, and culture, it was the food where the lessons of traveling hit home.

As I attended the fall tasting menu at Taberna de Alabardero it took me back to Spain and falling in love and feasting. Taberna de Alabardero is a 26-year old Spanish fine dining restaurant in DC. Walking into the restaurant, I was taken back to Madrid, Barcelona, Jerez, and Seville. All that was missing was the sound of flamenco. Chef Romero is from Madrid, but his dishes are influenced from all over Spain. I remember tasting the Monkfish and thinking this has a hint of sherry. In Jerez, we went sherry tasting and I can still taste the luscious liquor. I grew up with a very adventurous food father. I was the only kid that would eat the “weird” stuff. As an adult, I think the curiosity has helped expand my palette. I’m willing to be adventurous and explore. In life and on the plate.

The fall menu at Taberna de Alabardero was as exceptional and delicious as any dish I had in Spain. I plan to go back with my husband so he can reminisce about Spain a little closer to home. All I ask is when are you making your reservation?


taberna 2

{Cod Carpaccio with Wild Salmon with pistachios, capers, olives, and tomatoes.}

taberna 3

{Yellowfin Tuna Tartare with Almond Garlic Pistachio Sauce}

taberna 4

{Scallop with Bacon in a Cuttlefish Reduction}

taberna 5

{Hen Noodle Soup with Poached Quail Egg}

taberna 7

{Monkfish with Crab Cream}


{Yellowfin Tuna Tataki with Potatoes and Bell Peppers}

taberna 2

{Lobster paella}

taberna 3

{Veal Sweetbread with Chanterelles}

taberna 4

{Coulant of Red Berries}

taberna 5

Oak by Absolut Vodka


As a wine girl, most people don’t think I drink anything else. I enjoy a good cocktail with fresh ingredients and even better liquor. Absolut Vodka is a major vodka brand and is currently on my bar cart. So when they asked me to try their barrel crafted oaked vodka I was skeptical. Vodka. Being oaked?


If you are going to oak vodka, my expectations are going to be high. I expect it to be smooth, can stand alone on its merits, and doesn’t need a mix to make it taste good. Needless to say, I don’t want my vodka any other way now. Absolut Oak is so smooth. At first I tried it with cold apple cider in a cocktail, but the best way in my opinion is straight up on the rocks.

Here’s a great recipe for a fall gathering. Talk about a grown-up hot toddy.

  • Half a bottle of Absolut Oak;
  • One gallon of apple cider (fresh is the best);
  • Thinly sliced Honey Crisp or Fuji apple;
  • Mix all the ingredients in a large stock pot and simmer on low for 20 minutes;
  • Serve in a mug with an apple slice on top; and
  • Your guests will thank you.

Feasting Pretty: Ted’s Montana Grill

Ted's Montana Grill

I recently had the pleasure of dining at the new Ted’s Montana Grill in Maryland. The restaurant chain owned by Ted Turner opened the first location of the popular chain in Maryland. Ted’s Montana Grill is based on bison cuisine which is leaner and has more protein than beef. I had only had a bison burger before experiencing the deliciousness of a bison steak.

Now, I am hooked. The meat had so much flavor and I love that it only came with a pat of butter on the top. This is all you need on a good piece of meat. No sauce, just butter. My meal started with the smoked trout appetizer with homemade bread and tortilla chips. I had to stop myself from eating the entire dish because I needed room for my steak. This is worth going to Ted’s just to try.

If you don’t eat bison, don’t worry. Ted’s also sells meat and fish entrees. The restaurant has other great food options to try. I have to bring my husband back because the cedar-plank salmon looked worth trying as well. The restaurant cooks everything fresh and also freshly presses their lemons for the house lemonade.

Would I go back to Ted’s Montana Grill? Absolutely. I plan on taking my mother there when she visits next month because it’s just that delicious.


{Smoked trout appetizer}


{Bison steak served perfectly}


{Outdoor fire pit to enjoy}


Ted’s Montana Grill
105 Ellington Boulevard
Gaithersburg, MD 20878

Feasting Pretty: Heritage BBQ by Cochon 555


I was elated to receive the email asking if I wanted to cover the Heritage BBQ event presented by Cochon 555. I almost cried. This was one of the food events I always wanted to attend but was never in town to do so. Cochon means “pig” in French, so the event had pork prepared various ways by local chefs. It is taken very seriously because it’s bragging rights for the chefs. Cochon 555 only uses heritage pigs. The best pigs in the world without all the crap that most farm animals have now.

One of my favorite restaurants in DC is Graffiato and I was happy to hear Chef Jose Adorno won. For more event photos check here. Cochon 555 tour all over the U.S. and I suggest snagging a ticket if you are into food. You will not be disappointed.

IMG_3474 IMG_3476 IMG_3478 IMG_3480

{A classic Manhattan in a mason jar. Love.}


{These pig skins were worth every calorie.}

IMG_3483 IMG_3484 IMG_3485


IMG_3486 IMG_3488

{Chef Marc Pauvert butchering one of the pigs}

IMG_3491 IMG_3493 IMG_3494 IMG_3535 IMG_3536 IMG_3537 IMG_3539 IMG_3542 IMG_3543

Giveaway: Touch Coffee Machine for National Coffee Day



I love a good cup of coffee and look forward to it every day. In honor of National Coffee Day the lovely people at TOUCH Beverages has agreed to giveaway one of their machines to one lucky winner. The new Touch T414S coffee machine.

Here are few facts about the machine.

  • The brewer is ready to start brewing in under 20 seconds after being off all night.
  • The hot water has more contact with the coffee grounds, which ensures that all of the coffee flavor is extracted. Other machines take much longer to warm up and then shoot water through the coffee grounds too quickly, so you end up throwing away untapped flavor with the used capsule. Even with a slower, more deliberate brew, when factoring in the warm-up time, the Touch still turns out a “cup of joe” in a fraction of the time.
  • You can now brew larger cups of coffee without sacrificing flavor. Customize your coffee experience by choosing from five cup sizes (6, 8, 10, 12 or 14 ounces) and three brew strengths (mild, medium or bold).
  • Its removable 90-ounce water tank has a greater capacity and is shorter in height than its counterparts, meaning you will be refilling less often, and it will be less awkward when you do.
  • Touch’s single serve cups are larger than traditional K-Cups, allowing more coffee grounds. More coffee means bigger, bolder flavor.

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