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My Five Favorite Perfume Roll-ons

Perfume roll-ons

You might have noticed a few new changes today on the little ole blog. Yes, it got an update. I wanted cleaner lines, easier reading, and larger photos. The top categories have also been culled into something easier to navigate: beauty, travel, and lifestyle. There’s also an easier way to sign up for my email newsletter. March’s newsletter is going out on Wednesday and you don’t want to miss it. It features a few things not mentioned on le blog. But back to the beauty at hand.

It’s no secret my love affair with the smell goods. Smell goods? Yes, it’s a Southern way of saying something that smells wonderful. In this case, it’s perfume. Years ago I had to hunt and hunt to find perfumes in roll-ons. It seems that every fragrance house just wanted you to buy the full-size bottle of fragrance. I don’t have a problem with that in some instances, but I would prefer to wear the scent before our perfume monogamous relationship begin. Thankfully, some of the perfume gods heard me and now you can find many scents in small servings that are perfect for experiencing the fragrance without committing.

I have been rotating these five roll-ons over the past few months. The fact that I can now travel with Beach is a blessing come true. Because of my belief that I can never have too many scents of distinction here are my current fave perfume roll-ons.

Elizabeth & James Nirvana Black. I usually don’t like celebrity scents. Look at any clearance bin and they are piling up. This one is the real deal and layers well with a few

Bobbi Brown Beach. Who doesn’t want to smell like the beach? For years I was hoping Bobbi would allow me to take one of my favorite scents with me at all times. Now I can. Plus, since I’ve been living like Frosty the Snowgirl this helps with my complaints.

Diptyque Philosykos. I also what to smell like I’m on the Greek isle Mykonos and this reminds me I need a return trip to one of my favorite islands.

Chantecaille Frangipane. Because I can never have too much of an intense vanilla scent. This one is so divine that I have to stop and smell myself.

Byredo Bal d’Afrique. I needed more black amber and cedarwood in my perfume arsenal and this hits on all my sensory needs.

Lubin Nuit de Longchamp Fragrance



Lubin is one of the oldest French fragrances houses and is known for only having a few fine fragrances. The house dates back to 1798 and the fragrances are unlike many you will find most women wearing. It doesn’t have a celebrity face, it isn’t own by a major beauty company (please God no), and wearing it makes you feel as though it’s a custom fragrance. My favorite is Nuit de Longchamp, but plan to get Akkad during this year’s Paris Beauty Tour. It will get you noticed for all the right reasons.

Holiday Gift Guide 2014 – Fragrance

Fragrance Holiday Guide

This was THE hardest post to write for the holiday season. Why? I have a shelf of fragrances and they are my weakness or as my grandmother used to say “my smell good.” There are some really good fragrances out there at all price points. Enjoy the smell goods darling. They are worth it. With out further beauty adieu, let’s get this fragrance party started.

Nirvana Black Pure Perfume Oil. I own the Nirvana Black and White rollerballs, but the minute I smelled the oil I knew I was gonna be in trouble. It’s intense. A little goes a very long way.

Flower Beauty Sultry Fragrance. I was surprised how much I enjoyed this fragrance. I have a few Flower Beauty makeup items and I am now happy to add the scent to the beauty arsenal. Go buy her Rosebud lipstick. Trust me. Drew and her team did an amazing job. This price point is bananas.

Nova Chakra Eau de Parfum. Catbird boutique can do no wrong in my book. They started the whole mid-finger ring trend and their tiny gold bands are addicting. What is equally as addicting? The beauty section on their site. If you can’t make it to their Brooklyn boutique it’s okay because the online boutique is a gem.

Strange Invisible Perfumes Black Rosette. I met Alexandra Balahoutis in Miami in 2011 at the opening of the Elle Spa at the EdenRoc Hotel. I had a girl crush on her due to my love of Epic Gardenia; my first scent by the perfumer. I’m always interested in what she creates and all I want is to wear Black Rosette for the next few weeks. When I was in Los Angeles in April I made a visit to the boutique and it was a fragrance fanatics dream shop. The rose is minimal due to the hit of leather. his rose kick I’m on is getting kind of crazy.

Tiossān Fatale Perfume. I recently heard about the Tiossān brand because of the skincare. It’s the first luxury beauty brand from Senegal. Immediately I had to know more so I jumped on the site and was stopped in my beauty girl tracks when I saw they also had a fragrance with notes of spicy vanilla. My addiction is to help others by providing them intel on new beauty brands. You are welcome.

JOYA FvsS Composition No. 1 Parfum Roll-on. My girl Amber hipped me to this fragrance and I am thankful she did. I find myself carrying it around in my makeup bag just to get a whiff during the day even if I’m not wearing it. It also helps with those weird subway smells I endure a few times a week.

M. Beze Once Bitten Natural Roll-on Perfume. I don’t know where I discovered M. Beze perfumes but I’m glad I did. It’s a really addicting brand and you can go crazy with their scents. I have my eye on their bath oils, but until then I will enjoy my vanilla concoction.

GIVESCENT Roll-On Perfume. I’m a little obsessed with the co-creator of this scent. Elena Brower is a big time yoga teacher, but she has a background in textiles and lived in Italy. This scent is her gift to us based on her time there. She leads retreats all over the world and she is on my list of teachers I want to either study under or go on one of her retreats in a fabulous location. The Turks & Caicos one is calling my name.

AERIN Fragrance Coffret. This limited-edition set features all of the beautiful scents that comprise AERIN fragrances. My favorites are Gardenia Rattan and Ikat Jasmine. If I’m feeling fancy I sometimes layer them together. Plus, these are the perfect sizes for travel.

HollyBeth Organics Flourish Roll-on Perfume. Yep, another rose fragrance but this has a mix of cedar thrown in so it gives a woody hint that balances out the rose and bergamot. Plus it’s organic and you can’t go wrong with that.

Travel Diary: Paris Beauty Tour 2014 – Olfactive Studios + Céline Verleur


I discovered Olfactive Studios in April while in California. I had just taken an amazing yoga class with my friend Mary Beth and decided to head to Abbot Kinney Boulevard to look around and explore. Abbott Kinney is known as a shopping street, but with small boutique shops that cater to an eclectic crowd. I walked into the store Bazaar and the first thing I noticed was a distinct bottle of fragrance. It was square, the font on the packaging was clean, and the top resembled something I couldn’t explain. I sniffed each of the five fragrances, but the one that spoke to me was Still Life. Still Life has notes of yuzu, pink pepper, black pepper, dark rum, and cedar. I immediately was hooked and couldn’t stop thinking and dreaming about the fragrance. I decided to grab lunch and while at lunch I decided I couldn’t leave California without Still Life. I needed this fragrance in the beauty arsenal.

When I was deciding who I wanted to work with for the Paris Beauty Tour I wanted to reach out to Olfactive Studios. The brand is the collaboration of perfume and photography which is a different concept for a fragrance brand. No celebrity factor, thank goodness! No big, bold and crazy ad space taking over what the fragrances are about. The idea is fragrance as art. Olfactive Studios is the brainchild of Céline Verleur, the creative director. After numerous emails and Skype calls the date was set. On Friday morning, we headed to Jovoy, a rare perfume boutique in Paris to meetCéline, discuss the concept of Olfactive Studios, and to explore fragrance as part of our personalities. Jovoy only sells one thing – fragrances from all over the world and some of the most exquisite and rare essences created. I was a kid in a fragrance candy store. Jovoy also has their own line of fragrances and candles and I’m dreaming of returning to get their amber candle. It was my fault I didn’t pick it up before I left.

Céline gave us the background and concept of Olfactive Studios. To create fragrances based on photography instead of a fragrance for men and women. In Paris, many fragrances are created as unisex and can be worn by men and women. The marketing doesn’t place gender on the fragrances. Céline works with various photographers and perfumers or noses to create the scent. For example, Lumière Blanc or White Light is based on a photo by Massimo Vitali. The photo was taken in Sicily, Italy, but when viewed looks as if it was taken during the winter. She wanted a scent that can be worn to bed and was soft. It’s a beautiful scent and I can see wearing it on those days I want to be home relaxing and reading and want a soft scent to wear around the house.


I chose Chambre Noir or Darkroom. The photo by Mercy René-Bazin drew me. There was something about the light and the hotel room that I couldn’t place until Céline informed me the photo was taken in Egypt. The beauty light bulb went off. I got engaged in front of the pyramids of Egypt therefore it holds a special place to me. Chambre Noir smells like Egypt. I have been in the mood for more masculine based scents. I can’t get enough of anything with a patchouli base. Chambre Noir has notes of sandalwood, patchouli, musk, vanilla, violet, and leather. I can’t wait to wear this fragrance in the summer as well when the heat is high because it’s going to change the composition of the fragrance and the heat is going to make the scent even more enjoyable.

Jovoy Perfumes
4 Rue Castiglione
Paris, France 75001
Metro: Tuileries

{The scent that started it all}


{Various scents in Jovoy}















{Roja and his Amber Aoud had me tearing up in Bergdorf’s.}






IMG_3898 IMG_3899


The brains and visionary behind this amazing brand – Céline}



This post is brought to you in collaboration with Atout France – France Tourism Development Agency, Jovoy Rare Perfumes, and Olfactive Studios. All content, ideas, and words are my own. Thanks for supporting the sponsors that allow me to create new and special content like this for All About the Pretty and Luxe Beauty Journeys.

Travel Diary: Paris Beauty Tour 2014 – Le Labo Fragrances

img_3618 (1)

We started our first journey into French beauty at Le Labo Fragrances. Le Labo is short for “the laboratory” and the boutique definitely resembles a lab. Although the fragrances are available in the U.S. learning about the history of the brand, at the original store, is the real reason I wanted to visit. The fragrance company was started in Paris and there is something about having the experience there. Also, this was right before we found out Estee Lauder had purchased Le Labo. This made it extra special.

Agatha at Le Labo gave us the history behind the scents and the process for making the fragrances. In Europe many scents are unisex. They aren’t marketed to one gender, which means you are free to explore. I love masculine scents as well and often times I get a weird look for admitting I wear men’s fragrances. You fall for a fragrance based on who you want to be at the time.

Le Labo Fragrances are all hand created at the time of your purchase. What this process means is you pick your scent. I prefer Vanille 44 and Santal 33. The number represents the extra number of ingredients in each of the fragrances. The vanilla 44 extra ingredients to create a sexy and musk vanilla scented fragrance. Also, Vanille 44 is only available at Le Labo Paris boutiques.

Once you have selected your Le Labo fragrance the fragrance mixoligist as I like to call them gathers all the ingredients from their refrigerator as you watch the process of the scents being measured, poured, and created. It’s a wonderful feeling to experience something so personal. After the fragrance is bottled then the label process begins. You are asked what you want on the label. Patricia’s Ambrette 9 label has “2014 Paris Beauty Tour.” Beautimous!

6 Rue de Bourbon Le Chateau
Paris, France 75006
Metro: Saint Germain des Pres
 {Inside Le Labo}
{I love the laboratory feel of the space.}
{I can never have too many candles.}
{A spicy and sexy vanilla fragrance}
 {Santal 33 is one of Le Labo’s most popular scents}
{Oud all day, everyday}
{Travel size}
 {Creating the fragrance}
{Ingredients in the refrigerator ready to be made into your chosen scent}
{Lianne’s Lys 41}
{Patricia’s Ambrette 9 with the Paris Beauty Tour 2014 name}
 {With Agatha who gave us an exclusive on Le Labo}
 {Le Labo has boutiques around the world, but the original Paris location is a must visit.}
This post is brought to you in collaboration with Atout France – France Tourism Development Agency and Le Labo Fragrances. All content, ideas, and words are my own. Thanks for supporting the sponsors that allow me to create new and special content like this for All About the Pretty and Luxe Beauty Journeys.

{6.20.14} Le Weekend

6.20.14 Le Weekend

It has a been a busy few weeks over here in my world, but despite some ups and downs I’m still grateful. In the midst of madness I can always find a few pretty things to make me smile. I’m trying to reach my goal of 45 books this year and according to my Goodreads challenge I’m 6 books behind schedule. I can definitely catch up by the end of summer because all I want to do is sit outside in the heat, near water, listen to music and read.

Happy Weekend! Here are my loves of the week.

The Director by David Ignatius. I’ve made it a point to put down all the business books and get back to my favorite summer past time – fiction reading. I want to be taken away, transported, and forget my day-to-day. I’m able to do that with a good book. I’m a tech junkie so the fact that this is involves cyber terrorism, The White House, and written by a local DC author makes this the perfect summer book to me.

Tulsi Jasmine Green Tea. I try to drink a cup of green tea a day. I know it’s good for me, but I’m not a fan of green tea unless it has another flavor added to the mix. This tea tastes delicious hot, but even better cold over ice with a mint leaf. Trust me.

Dolce & Gabbana Velvet Desert Oud Eau de Parfum. I haven’t met an Oud I didn’t like and this one is just as alluring, intriguing, and spicy to tickle my Oud fancy. It smells like woods, reminds me of Egypt, and is perfect for a hot summer day. I’ve been on a floral kick and need to literally “spice” things up and the best way to do that is fragrance. Perfume Junkie, hello!

Oh Dolce! How Sweet It Is To Be Spritzed By You!


Lovely winter we are having this spring! I know it’s technically spring, but the wind and the lower temperatures has me doubting my spring commitment. It’s all good. Spring brings pollen, allergies, and new scents. Dolce & Gabbana’s Dolce scent is putting a bright smile on my face. The scent is a great combination of amaryllis, daffodils, lilies tossed with a few notes of wood and musk. Domenico Dolce says, “this is the picture of Sicily that I carry within me, and the one captured in this delicate fragrance.” I’ve been to Sicily and the aroma of food, flowers, and sea are enchanting. I’m so happy to add Dolce to the fragrance arsenal! Spring is looking beauty-full! Dolce, it is so good to be spritzed by you.

{4.18.14} Le Weekend

{4.18.14} Le Weekend.jpg

This weekend I find myself in another hotel, but this one is closer to home. I will be on a quick stay-cation to reset and regroup before heading out again next weekend. It’s all good because I’m bringing a few of my favorite things of the week.

Thrive by Arianna Huffington. Arianna is the creator of The Huffington Post. A few years ago she realized she was sleep deprived, stressed, and over-worked. Raise your hand if you have been there. It taught her a valuable lesson. Arianna, wasn’t taking care of Arianna. This book is how to thrive on your terms.

Gardenia Rattan by AERIN. I’m a sucker for a good gardenia based scent. I blame my mom. She loves any and everything gardenia. This is a soft gardenia that’s balanced with other white flowers. People will want to run towards you wearing this.

ESPN The Magazine. I’m sure you are like “why did Julia pick ESPN?” I’m actually a huge sports fan. I love most sports, but my favorite sport is the NFL. I am behind a few issues of ESPN and need to catch up. I know it seems crazy that this beauty junkie-travel loving-yogi would be reading ESPN. It’s not. I also get Sports Illustrated too, but I’m current on that one.

Happy weekend. Bisous!

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