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NouriTress Perfect Hair Products


NouriTress Perfect Hair Products came across my desk at the perfect time and my hair needs all the nourishing it can get. In winter, my skin has a tendency to be really dry. Sahara dry if I don’t handle properly and my scalp tends to do the same. I don’t have much hair on the top of my head, but I love a good hair product, especially when I need it.

NouriTress is a line based on treating hair from the scalp and this is what actually makes your hair healthy. I’ve been using the products for the past few weeks and my scalp and I are very happy. The products have a slight tingle. I love a good hair tingling situation. It makes me feel I’m getting a treatment in a salon. I use the leave-in as a pre-treatment under hair mask and my dry scalp has been happy with the results. The products get my hair squeaky and don’t dry it out.

I haven’t been working out so I can’t tell how they are going to work with sweat, but I have a good idea they will work well. I can definitely see using this product in the summer after multiple trips to the beach.

Rene Furterer Karité Intense Overnight Nourishing Treatment


One of the questions I get asked a lot is what products I use since I have super short hair. I always reply that I use the same that people with long hair use except for a few exceptions. I don’t have to worry about straightening products, but I’m always concerned with my scalp and whatever hair I have on my head. I’m a big fan of masks and overnight treatments especially in the winter time. Winter equals nourishment in all forms. I’ve fallen for this new leave-in treatment and it’s wonderful. Rene Furterer Karité Intense Overnight Nourishing Treatment is what I have been using over the past month every single week.

I normally apply coconut oil to my scalp, add the overnight treatment all apply, put on a shower cap, turban, and head to la-la land. I wake up in the morning and my hair is soft and my scalp is happy. It’s light enough that you can use it during any season. Plus, let’s be real. Rene Furterer is a great French brand and y’all know how much I love my French beauty products.

Earth’s Nectar Green Olive & Lavender Scalp Oil

Earth Nectar Scalp Oil


If you are feeling the dryness of winter in your hair I highly recommend Earth’s Nectar Green Olive & Lavender Scalp Oil. The scent-obsessed girl in me recommends it for the smell, but the beauty advisor wants me to tell you it really works. I know melted coconut oil works, but sometimes you need a little extra and want to feel the love on your scalp. A big part of my happiness is knowing the spray isn’t spraying all whilly nilly on my scalp. It’s a direct line to the places it needs to go. A little goes a long way, but I wouldn’t know because I’m heavy handed and in my mind the more the merrier.

I’m Glossy Thanks to Oribe Curl Gloss



My hair stylist Q turned me on this curling creme. Every time I get my haircut I bring my trusty Paul Mitchell Foaming Pomade. Don’t get me wrong. I love my Paul Mitchell, but one day she said let’s mix them together. I decided to trust her even though I really didn’t want to. Whoa! My curls were shiny, hydrating and smelled so good. Oribe Curl Gloss Hydration & Hold should be on any curly girl’s hair list. My hair is short and I plan to always have this one in the arsenal.

Thanks Q.

Bumble & Bumble Invisible Oil Shampoo and Conditioner



Every time I get my hair cut I always peruse the shelves to see all the latest and greatest beauty products that have arrived since my last appointment. Although I wear my hair short, I like it to be healthy in case I ever decide to grow it back. Yeah, right in my “ain’t gonna do it” vine voice. The last few times I passed the shelves this new Bumble and bumble line kept catching my eye.

The Bb Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil line is everything I need for summer. I finally caved and so happy I did. This is one of those lightweight shampoo and conditioners great for summer. I wash my hair a lot in the summer and this product and been my saving grace. I am glad that when they put out the line they also had a travel kit. Now I don’t have to transfer items to my travel kit. Bumble I haven’t been this excited about a product since the creme de coco hair masque. That’s always a staple and now this is too.

Happy Thursday!

Leonor Greyl Softening Mask for Frizzy Hair (Masque à L’Orchidée)

Leonor Greyl

I can never get enough of Leonor Greyl products. They are some of the best French hair care products on the market. I seriously cannot get enough. If you are ever in Paris you must go to the institute to get your hair treated. It’s a beauty experience that you want to have in your life. If you can’t get to Paris then get to buying Leonor Greyl products. I am suggesting their Softening Mask for Frizzy Hair for summer. This will give your strands, no matter how short, all the deep love they need due to sand, sun, and sweat. Trust me on this.

Pureology Precious Oil

A lot of things happened when I traveled to Louisiana for Thanksgiving. I realized the hair oil I brought was just not good and the whole “big hair” thing is really not me. It was solidified when the potion lady kindly put to me “you really look better with short hair.” Thanks mom for the truly honest opinion. So in two weeks I am going back to my short hair do. Although I will have a enough hair to play with, I am getting rid of my fro. How do I feel about that? I feel I should have done it a long time ago. Plus, I am back to running and plan to have “Fergie type fitness” as my girl Amber always tells me.

The one thing I plan to keep in my new hair care life is Pureology’s Precious Oil. This oil is super light and gives the perfect amount of moisture. I should have pumped some out and brought it to Louisiana with me. I learned my lesson.

Embrace Your Curl Power with Paul Mitchell

It’s time to embrace your curls for the fall. The leaves are falling and the temperatures are dropping. This means your hair needs one word. Moisture. It happens to me every fall. The start of dryness on my curls. This year I’m going to try something different. I plan to drink more water so hydration starts from the inside out and I plan to use products with super moisturizing ingredients. Paul Mitchell Curls line has tons of products. If you have curls like mine, Paul Mitchell is looking for you. They need you to upload your picture with a short curl confession here. My hair was super dry in France and due to Sandy I’m here in London. I can’t wait to get home to slather my hair with Twirl Around and review my curls.


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