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Leonor Greyl Lait Luminescence Detangling Milk

I am headed back to Paris later this month and it is time that my inner French goddess starts using products from “home.” As many products I use on a daily basis I wanted something lightweight and moisturizing to help the detangling process for my strands. It is going to be a bit chilly in Paris so I’m getting my hair ready for “helmet” hair. I normally don’t like to wear caps, hats, in the winter time. I know it keeps me warm, but it really does mess up my curls. I want my hair healthy from top to bottom so I will be drenching my hair in Leonor Greyl’s Detanlging Milk. I apply a curl definer afterwards, comb through and I’m ready to go. I use this product a few times a week and it has made it’s way from the hair bin to the bathroom. It must be a good thing.

Paul Mitchell Full Circle Leave-In Treatment

I’m still testing out Paul Mitchell Curls products and have been using the Full Circle Leave-in Treatment for a few weeks. I use it when I give the curls a wash, but I am finding myself using it as a daily detangler. I comb through my curls every day and need something to help the comb ease through the tightness. I spritz my hair with water and then apply this lovely treatment. I have to add product to define the curl, but this product doesn’t way my hair down. It is lightweight and super moisturizing. I have become such a hair product junkie that my bin is overflowing, but this is the one product that stays in the bathroom. I’m hooked and love it that much.

Let’s Talk About My (Straight) Hair

Let’s talk about hair baby,
Let’s talk about you and me,
Let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be,
Let’s talk about hair.

It’s fall baby and whether I like it or not I have to get with the program. I have decided that I am going to go straight a few times a month because (1) I am running again and want my hair to be easy (half-marathon in January), (2) I am obsessed with buns. It doesn’t matter if it’s tiny or small I’m hooked, and (3) it is time to do something a little different. But, I hate doing my hair. It is so much work. I am going to embrace it and go with it. I could pay somebody, but why.

I have this great ghd Limited-Edition Peacock Flat Iron to help me along the straight hair – no chaser road. I started last week and I am hooked on this flat iron. I like that the cord is super long, it has a heat resistant case which is great for traveling, and the deep purple color makes me smile. I am slowly mastering the blow-dry/flat iron combo again and it isn’t so bad. I just need to stick with it. A messy bun awaits me for fall.


Paul Mitchell Transforms My Curls

I didn’t think there could ever be a Paul Mitchell product I liked better than the Foaming Pomade. The foaming pomade is the stuff of legends. That thought was before I tested Paul Mitchell’s new Curls Collection. The collection is everything my curls have been needing in their beach lifestyle. The Full-Circle Leave-in Treatment adds lot of moisture to my dry sun damaged hair and it helps define the curl. I then add the Beachy Texture Cream Gel for definition and voila curls, curls, curls for days.

I am currently in Hawaii and happy to know that these products will give my hair the sustenance they need upon my return. For all my curly girls if you have a curl confession for Paul Mitchell head over to the Truth About Curls and unleash your curl dragon.

Beautiful Textures Tangle Taming Leave-in Conditioner

I first heard about Beautiful Textures from my friend Nicole Marie. She mentioned that she loved it and couldn’t get enough of it. The first thing I did was head to Sally Beauty and pick up my own bottle. Guess what? Nicole Marie was right! I came home immediately and put it to good use. This is one of the best leave-in conditioners I have ever used. It’s that good. I even called the “potion lady” and told her to get some stat. I am debating taking the entire bottle to Hawaii on my beach getaway later this month, but I don’t plan on checking a bag. Beauty girl dilemmas I know. As always when I’m in any beauty store I picked up some other hair goodies that I can’t wait to review.

Evening with EDEN: A Summer Hair Affair

A few weeks back I was on a panel regarding summer hair with EDEN Bodyworks. The evening was co-hosted by my girl Mischo Beauty and including Tia Williams of Shake Your Beauty (my beauty godmother), Shirley Gordon of Strands Hair Studios and EDEN’s Vice President of Marketing Ylorie Anderson. I had just gotten back from Jamaica and I was ready to talk hair. The key is good hair = healthy hair.

My main hair motto for summer is “city hair is not beach hair.” This means let go of the flat irons, tons of styling aids, and be free. You can’t have city hair at the beach and why would you want too. You have to condition your hair before getting in the pool or going to the beach. Cowash back in your room and deep condition once you get back.

When I first saw Shirley walk in I was like “this woman is going to color my hair for the summer.” I have never said that. But I could tell she was a master colorist and would keep my hair healthy and beautiful. I can’t wait to see her magic for myself. I also was told I need a hair steamer. That’s on the list for later this month.

Here are a few takeaways from the event.

  • No mineral oil ever. In my Joan Collins Mommy Dearest voice.
  • Deep condition, deep condition, deep condition. I can’t say enough about deep conditioning. This should be done year round and weekly.
  • Hair sunscreen. Yes, they make sunscreen for you hair. Find some, use it diligently, and be on  your way.
  • Condition before you shampoo. I can see your eyes glazing over on this one. Seriously, try it. I tested it with the EDEN BodyWorks JojOba Monoi collection and I am hooked on this method.
  • If you color your hair – no clarifying shampoo at all.
  • Try a hair regimen for at least 3 weeks before you give up on it. None of this I tried it once and forget about it. Stick with it for a few weeks to give it the full testing it deserves. If it doesn’t work after that, let it go.
  • What goes in the inside comes out on the outside. Water is your friend. Drink up. Also hair vitamins, biotin, and diet also contribute to your hair.

{This should be every woman’s hair motto}

{A lucky guest won a gift certificate to Emerald Door Spa}

{EDEN BodyWorks JojOba Monoi}

Organix Extra Strength Penetrating Moroccan Argan Oil

Super dry does not equal super fly when it comes to my strands. For some reason my hair is dry. It probably has something to due with the fact that I have gotten slack on my deep conditioning. That’s okay. I have something that will tied me over until I get back on my hair routine. Organix Extra Strength Penetrating Moroccan Argan Oil has come to the resue. I’ve been applying this to my dry hair before I mist it and style and it makes it feel soft and luxurious. It is able to camouflage the dryness until I can get back to nurturing my strands.


Shea Moisture Reconstructive Elixir

It’s amazing the products I discover in my never ending “hair bin.” I was doing some beauty cleaning when I stumbled upon Shea Moisture’s Reconstructive Elixir which was at the bottom of the bin. I’m trying to stay more organized in all areas of my life, but beauty cleanup is a daily process. I can’t believe I forgot how great this product is and why I stopped using it. This is a great product for every day if you prefer a light hair moisturizer. My hair is consistently dry so I’m always looking for oil products that provide my curls the love they need. This elixir contains argan oil which I’m obsessed with it. I can’t get enough of this elixir.

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