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Hugo Natural French Lavender Bath Salts

I am over the half-way mark fro my yoga teacher training. I realize as I am going into this home stretch I need a little more self-love time. I am trying to keep it all together – philosophy, asana, finding my teaching voice, and planning for the future. I have always been a bath girl, but my love for bath salts have increased with this training. My body seems to crave a bath every night now. It seems that the only scent I am craving at the end of the day is lavender. On a quick run to Whole Foods I picked up Hugo Naturals French Lavender Bath Salts and fell in head-over-bath-salts crazy. I know that Epsom salts detox the body, but I can’t get with the basic salts. I need the lavender to lull me into sleep. Sleep is such a good thing.