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{2.7.14} Le Weekend

{2.7.14} Le Weekend

I’m looking forward to the weekend. Not just because I want to rest on Sunday, but the closer it is to the weekend, the closer we get to moving forward with hopes of the warmth of spring. Yes, I know. In New York it’s fashion week so the news will be telling us what we are wearing in the fall. Yes. Read that sentence again. I digress. I’m looking forward to yoga, naps, and finishing my new book.

I wish you lots of smiles, beauty, and a good book. Stay warm!

Self-Inflicted Wounds by Aisha Tyler. I came upon this book because I discovered Aisha’s podcast. Yes, I know she’s on a talk show, which I don’t watch, was on Friends, and is funny as all get out. But, it’s her show that I fell smack-dab head over heels. Aisha is funny, super smart, and my kind of girl. And she likes Bourbon – more points. Her podcast is Girl on Guy and if you listen to her interviews you will be hooked. I grew up in the house with 5 men so I love that she is a guys girl and a girl’s girl. When I first discovered her podcast it was episode 54 with Lisa Kudrow. Then what did I have to do? I had to start all the way with the first one. Now I’m all caught up. It took me a few weeks because I’m a big podcast listener. Get with it. Download it now.

Kobo Leather Mahogany Candle. It has been over two years since I had this candle in my presence and it’s two years too long. Candles make me a happy girl.

Essie Russian Roulette. After months of dark and bright nails I had to go back to an oldie, but goodie. This is a classic poppy red. Sometimes there is nothing better than a classic red nail. This is one of my favorites.

Kobo Pure Soy Leather Mahogany Candle

It always happens. I make the list. Go in for one thing Julia I tell myself. I do. But, one thing leads to another and now this Kobo Pure Soy Leather Mahogany Candle is now flickering its luscious flame in my office. This has all the secrets of a dark and stormy candle romance for fall ~ armoise, cardamom, and leather. The ingredients separate are great, but together than even better. It also comes in a travel size which is perfect to scent my hotel room as I travel to New Orleans next month to listen to Jay-Z and Kanyé, eat much-missed Southern cuisine, stroll Bourbon Street, Magazine Street, the Garden District and my beloved French Quarter.