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Lip Lovin’: La Mer Lip Balm

La Mer’s The Lip Balm is currently on my nightstand next to a pile of magazines and books. It is my go-to lip balm before bed and is part of my bedtime ritual. The ritual includes hand cream, reading, and aptly applying The Lip Balm. I didn’t believe the hype regarding this lip balm, but after using it I see why people love it. It is hydrating, moisturizing, and you wake up with super duper soft lips. I don’t carry it around because I have this weird thing where I only use lip balms in pots at home. It’s weird, I know, but I’ve been doing it forever and I embrace my weirdness. This lip balm will have you questioning your sanity because of the cost, but the results are priceless. La Mer really does make some good beauty.