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Partner Spotlight: London Beauty Finds

Are you watching the Olympics as much as I am? I spend any extra time watching them. It’s very motivating to see dedication and hard work at it’s best. But, it’s not why London is on my mind. It’s on my mind because I am going there in November. I know what you are thinking. London, in November? Well, it’s for work so it’s a must. London has the reputation that it is stuffy, yes it is in places, but London is also hip, fun, cool, and has diversity in spades if you know where to look.

I start in the beauty department, make my way to culture spots (hello Tate Modern), and finish with food. Always food and libations. I am excited to explore Boots, Jo Malone, and stock up on Aesop products. They sell Aesop here in the states, but the complete line is available in the UK and I can test it before buying sight untried. When I travel I treat myself to self-care so I definitely plan to get a massage in London.

I plan to check out a few spas and the first on my radar is Menana Spa. Menana has ham man and Elemis treatments. I have been looking at different beauty treatments here and abroad and I am interesting in the latest technological such as laser skin treatments and laser hair removal in London. Why? I’m considering trying both and a little curious to see how the U.S. differs from other parts of the world. A major highlight – I need to visit the original Space NK store and spend a few hours playing in all that lovely beauty.

When I lived in Houston years ago I remember reading Naomi Campbell swore by Eve Lom’s Cleansing Balm. I remember thinking, what is that? I was intrigued and of course it took weeks for me to track down the product. Guess what? Naomi was right. It is an amazing product. I plan to stock up in duty-free on the way home for me and as a gift for my friend Carmen who is just as obsessed with it. I hope to bring back some Bloom & Blossom for my friends who are expecting little beauty girls this fall.

I haven’t been across the pond since 2004 and my research has already shown so many new and exciting changes especially with the food. London isn’t known as the land of great eating and I am so excited that this is changing. I plan to hit up Jamie Oliver and Gordan Ramsay’s places and a few pubs. You can’t go to London and not have a few pints.

K & Co.

K & Co., is a shopping destination from one of my favorite city across the pond – Great Britain. I’m reading a lot of royal wedding information that’s feeding into my frenzy.  When I started researching the brand I started looking at the stats and where a lot of my readers come from.  Lo and behold I have a high UK following.

I always assume that all my readers are from the U.S. and it’s nice to know I’m read across the pond. K & Co. carries fragrances that I aren’t available in the U.S. yet so I’m green with envy.  The Estee Lauder Bali Dream is only available overseas and my bottle is running out.

I think it’s time I plan a jaunt to London.

This post is sponsored by K & Co.