Jo Malone Cardamom and Moroccan Rose Candle

Jo Malone Candle copy

Jo Malone can do no wrong in my opinion when it comes to their candles. I have a few that I love such as their Dark Amber and Ginger Lily candle, but I was blown away by one of their latest scents. The Jo Malone Cardamom and Moroccan Rose Candle is the latest and I […]

Sunday in Your Weekday with Jo Malone Candles

Lavender and Lovage

I woke up today and had a completely different post prepared. As I look out at the 7 plus inches of snow in my front and backyard I knew I needed a post on home and warmth. I busted out my new Jo Malone Lavender & Lovage Candle for my office. This is a new […]

My Home Office Has New Light

Tilly by Rosie Jane Candle

I’m in the process of tearing out decor magazines, pinning office ideas, and wanting my home office to be a space of peace, productive creativity, and beauty. I collect lots of paper and I’m trying to organize, weed out, and only keep what’s necessary so I can only have beautiful items sitting on my desk. […]

Voluspa Mokara Candle

Voluspa Mokara Candle

It always happens. I go into Anthropologie to scour the sale rack and I come out with jewelry and candles. It is a problem and I admit I have it bad. I am in love with Voluspa candles. Everything about them screams to be taken home and brighten my surrounds. Mokara had to be purchased […]

Bronx Naturals Candle in Bella

Bronx Naturals Belle Candle

This past weekend was so relaxing. I curled up the majority of the time on the couch with my Kindle and the Olympics. I also had my Graphic Image 2013 date calendar because although we are four months until a new year, I have to block out dates for travel. I always wished I could […]

Paddywax Wanderlust Candle Collection


I always have the best time when I visit the New York International Gift Fair. I find so many items for the blog and for the boutique at Tranquil Space. Marq and I spent hours going through the stalls and as always I left a happy lady. Enter Paddywax Wanderlust Candles. The minute I saw […]

Barr-Co. by K. Hall Designs


It always happens whenever I enter Anthropologie. The desire to buy the entire store. It starts with a dress, but when I enter the beauty or home section the desire intensifies. There I was minding my own sweet little business. I was perusing lounge clothes when I turned and was confronted with another thing of […]

Kobo Pure Soy Leather Mahogany Candle

Kobo Leather Mahogany Candle

It always happens. I make the list. Go in for one thing Julia I tell myself. I do. But, one thing leads to another and now this Kobo Pure Soy Leather Mahogany Candle is now flickering its luscious flame in my office. This has all the secrets of a dark and stormy candle romance for […]

Aquiesse Luxe Linen Travel Candle


The search for travel candles is ongoing process. There are certain criteria that must be met at all times. It has to have a lid. It also cannot be glass. Trust me, I’ve used glass before and there is nothing worse than having shards of glass distributed in your carry-on. Aquiesse Luxe Linen Travel Candle […]

Ecoya Vanilla Bean Candle

Ecoya Vanilla Bean Candle

At any given time in my abode you will find a candle burning bright. There is something about a candle, a scented candle, burning bright. Lately, Ecoya Vanilla Bean Candle has been situated on my desk giving me inspiration, scent, and beauty. The Ecoya Vanilla Bean Candle is soy based, eco-friendly, and housed in a […]