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Jo Malone Cardamom and Moroccan Rose Candle

Jo Malone Candle copy

Jo Malone can do no wrong in my opinion when it comes to their candles. I have a few that I love such as their Dark Amber and Ginger Lily candle, but I was blown away by one of their latest scents. The Jo Malone Cardamom and Moroccan Rose Candle is the latest and I say one of the greatest candle scents from the brand. This scent is perfect for these cold winter days and nights. I know Spring is somewhere around the corner, but right now I can’t find her. I’m drinking lots of hot tea, making various chowders, and reading through a few books that have been on my list. The Neiman Marcus Beauty Event has started and this is going into my basket.

For the last few weeks I have been going back and forth with latest book on editing clearing clutter and editing your life. I will say I have the day scheduled next month to really Kondo my entire life. Stay tuned.

Sunday in Your Weekday with Jo Malone Candles

Lavender and Lovage

I woke up today and had a completely different post prepared. As I look out at the 7 plus inches of snow in my front and backyard I knew I needed a post on home and warmth. I busted out my new Jo Malone Lavender & Lovage Candle for my office. This is a new line of candles from Jo Malone and it is divine. It’s the perfect candle for a cold and snowy day at home full of work, conference calls, magazines, a midday home yoga practice, and tea. I am grateful for a warm home full of delicious smells. It feels like Sunday on a weekday. Thanks, Jo.

What are you doing on this snow day?

My Home Office Has New Light

Tilly by Rosie Jane Candle

I’m in the process of tearing out decor magazines, pinning office ideas, and wanting my home office to be a space of peace, productive creativity, and beauty. I collect lots of paper and I’m trying to organize, weed out, and only keep what’s necessary so I can only have beautiful items sitting on my desk. It’s slowly getting there. I always have a few candles on my desk. I need the mood to be right to work and candles add to the ambience.

This Tilly by Rosie Jane candle smells like a Caribbean vacation without leaving home. The lush notes of gardenia, coconut and grapefruit has me thinking I need another beach trip. And soon. The matching perfume is already on the wrists. I advise you to get this in your lifestyle.

Voluspa Mokara Candle

Voluspa Mokara Candle

It always happens. I go into Anthropologie to scour the sale rack and I come out with jewelry and candles. It is a problem and I admit I have it bad. I am in love with Voluspa candles. Everything about them screams to be taken home and brighten my surrounds. Mokara had to be purchased and sit on my desk as I work, think, and help with the creative process. Literally.Had.To.Be.Purchased.

This candle smells like spring. It puts a smile on my face that shortly the flowers will bursting from the ground and winter will go away and spring-like weather is not far away. I’m tired of wearing a puffy coat.

Photo: CandleDelirium

Bronx Naturals Candle in Bella

This past weekend was so relaxing. I curled up the majority of the time on the couch with my Kindle and the Olympics. I also had my Graphic Image 2013 date calendar because although we are four months until a new year, I have to block out dates for travel. I always wished I could be a “fly by the seat of my pants” type person, but this isn’t me. I need plans, structure, and order. I believe organization makes my life run smooth. Hence, the calendar. I find it fun planning.

I have a routine and always involves a candle. Instead of my usual burning of multiple candles at a time, I decided to start enjoying them individually. Currently, The Bronx Naturals Bella Candle is in heavy rotation. The candle has notes of peach and sandalwood, soy-based, and burns clean. I am currently trying to get through The Expats before next week. My goal for the rest of the year is one book a week. Hopefully, Bella will keep me company for a few more weeks.

Paddywax Wanderlust Candle Collection

I always have the best time when I visit the New York International Gift Fair. I find so many items for the blog and for the boutique at Tranquil Space. Marq and I spent hours going through the stalls and as always I left a happy lady. Enter Paddywax Wanderlust Candles. The minute I saw them I was head over heels in love. I picked up the Paris (Lavender + Mimosa) and New York (Amber + Patchouli) scents and I’m hooked on both. I definitely plan to replace them once they run out which should be very soon since I light them everyday. Paddywax has blown me away again. They always know how to light my fire.

Barr-Co. by K. Hall Designs

It always happens whenever I enter Anthropologie. The desire to buy the entire store. It starts with a dress, but when I enter the beauty or home section the desire intensifies. There I was minding my own sweet little business. I was perusing lounge clothes when I turned and was confronted with another thing of beauty. This time it was Barr-Co. collection by K. Hall Designs. I’m a huge fan of most of her products and these are no exception. They have that my-kitchen-is-in-a-French-farmhouse feel to them. I was gone.

At the New York International Gift Fair on Sunday they were in all their splendor splashed across the K. Hall booth. The scent of the candle is divine and the hand soap and lotion makes me want to spend time in the kitchen just so I can wash my hands. It also has me giddy and dreaming of this house in Provence where I will be spending 10 glorious days on an Art Journal + Yoga retreat in May.

Very c’est si bon.

Kobo Pure Soy Leather Mahogany Candle

It always happens. I make the list. Go in for one thing Julia I tell myself. I do. But, one thing leads to another and now this Kobo Pure Soy Leather Mahogany Candle is now flickering its luscious flame in my office. This has all the secrets of a dark and stormy candle romance for fall ~ armoise, cardamom, and leather. The ingredients separate are great, but together than even better. It also comes in a travel size which is perfect to scent my hotel room as I travel to New Orleans next month to listen to Jay-Z and Kanyé, eat much-missed Southern cuisine, stroll Bourbon Street, Magazine Street, the Garden District and my beloved French Quarter.

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