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Aquiesse Luxe Linen Travel Candle

The search for travel candles is ongoing process. There are certain criteria that must be met at all times. It has to have a lid. It also cannot be glass. Trust me, I’ve used glass before and there is nothing worse than having shards of glass distributed in your carry-on. Aquiesse Luxe Linen Travel Candle has found its way into my travel repertoire and I am hooked. I’m spending the weekend nesting. It’s time to clean out the closets, organize beauty products, and prepare properly for Fall. Diane Keaton said in Something’s Gotta Give that it was time to “read, write, focus.” I plan to do all of this while this candle adds to the ambiance. I need to find this in a large size. It’s that delicious.

Bisous and have a great weekend.

Ecoya Vanilla Bean Candle

At any given time in my abode you will find a candle burning bright. There is something about a candle, a scented candle, burning bright. Lately, Ecoya Vanilla Bean Candle has been situated on my desk giving me inspiration, scent, and beauty. The Ecoya Vanilla Bean Candle is soy based, eco-friendly, and housed in a delicious glass jar that looks so lovely on my desk. I’m obsessed with the heavy black glass and plan to use it after the candle has burned out as a bud vase for flowers. This is my first Ecoya candle, but it won’t be my last. I’m too obsessed with all this vanilla scented goodness.

Paddywax Eco Collection Wine Bottle Candles

I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Paddywax Wine Bottle candles since January. After perusing the New York Gift Fair on behalf of my beloved yoga studio I could not help but wait for the day I could finally pounce, purchase, and enjoy. Today was that day. Of course it happened after my delightful yoga class, but my office is now filled with the scent of the Bordeaux Fig and Vetiver candle.

The candles are housed in recycled wine glasses which makes them super cute and are multi-purpose. I plan to use them for vases once the candle burns out. I’m dreading that day, but excited to know where to purchase more. I only picked one scent and there are 5 more to enjoy.  You can purchase the candles here.

Decorate by Holly Becker

Holly Becker’s Decorate Book is available exclusively at Anthropologie until April. Holly is the uber-talented writer of the blog Decor8 which I love reading. There is something so fun about reading design books. When I look at the photos I’m always thinking of beautiful and luxurious products. In my office I try to maintain some sort of order because paper, products, books and magazines can get out of hand quickly. Decor8 makes me want to visit The Container Store and Home Depot in no particular order. The kitchen shots are the ones that slay me. I can’t help but think of what dishes I would prepare in these glorious spaces.

The book also makes me very excited to watch Bravo’s Million Dollar Decorators.


Anthropologie Decorator Concept

Anthropologie.  I could write sonnets on my love for you.  I spend hours pouring over your book section and once I hit the kitchen and beauty departments I’m transported to a land far, far away.  The home section reminds me of an apartment in the French countryside and I’m glad to have watched every single episode of Man Shops Globe.  Today in my email you wowed me even more with the Decorator Concept of interior design coming online and in certain stores.

“Customers will find product from a variety of sources from around the world including Anthropologie’s own designers, a mix of well-known and more obscure brands, as well as work commissioned from artists, artisans and designers.  While the decorator concept will share Anthropologie’s aesthetic, it will be completely dedicated to delivering a unique experience that helps generate design ideas and support decision making.”

The concept launches online March 17 and in stores March 24.  Although it’s not coming to my area just yet (crying tears of sorrow), I’m not that far from Pennsylvania and I could easily make a trek for “research.”  I see new bedding in my future, a Le Labo candle, and any excuse to raid their beauty racks.



Feasting Pretty: The Container Store’s Recipe File Folders

I love magazines.  As much as I think of myself a tech girl there is nothing like holding a printed cooking magazine.   I receive 5-6 cooking magazines a month.  I often rip out recipes just so I can have the photo. Needless to say my recipe binder needs updating and organizing.

I was perusing my beloved Container Store’s website when I came across these lovely recipe folders.  Here are my grandiose plans.  I would gather each month’s recipes, organize them, and I can’t add new recipes until I’ve cooked one recipe from each folder.  Or something like that.  I know “operation beautify my office” needs these folders.

[To my husband who’s reading this and buying me the new iPad 2 on Friday (insert squeal) – please ignore this musing].

Dressing Up My Home from Target

It must be the Spring cleaning feeling in the air, but I’m now obsessed with all things design.  I love the French Country chic look, that’s elegant and comfortable.  We have a leather club chair that is my reading chair and everything has to work around it.  I want to visit Brittany, eat fresh fish, and relax.  While perusing Tarjay, the Brittany theme went full force with this this Target vase.

The striped tee shirt history started in Brittany, France and worn by fisherman.  It’s also known as the Breton.  I love the way Alexa Chung is rocking this shirt.  The Talbots version has my name all over it.  The shirts style has been worn by Jean-Paul Gaultier, Jean Seberg, and Coco Chanel.  J. Crew always has one on in the mix.  I want to pair mine with skinny pant reds from Zara, Tom’s Gold Glitters and red lips.

I see London, I see France, I see warm weather and fancy pants!  I’m knee-deep in finishing behind travel stories, finalizing two trips for next month, and gouging my eyes out from doing my taxes.  But, tonight I’m headed to yoga and a book club at the studio on meditation.  I really want to add meditation to my lifestyle.  The book has been interesting and I will have a review up soon.

Have a great weekend.  Bisous!

Memo Paris Very Red Roses Candles

The candle junkie in me could not have imagined the joy of discovering Memo Candles in Paris.  It was very easy.  Le beau said au revoir as I strolled the first floor of Printemps which is filled with beauty, bags, and jewelry.  One of my new discoveries was Memo Paris Candles.  Seriously they stopped me in my tracks. I was on my way to buy by Terry beauty which was on sale.  I love Paris January sales.  Yes, even the makeup is on sale in Paris in January.  I turned my head and there they were.

Memo Paris is the brainchild of Clara Molloy and I was enraptured.  The line is inspired by her travels which spoke to the traveler in me.  Memo is short for “memory” and what we bring back from each sojourn.  I kept going back and forth between the Very Red Roses and High in Hawaii in candles.  I don’t even want to get started on the body products.  Another world I tell you. I couldn’t choose and I worried that le beau was getting anxious to stroll.  I had to grab something fast and swiped this lovely beauty.

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