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Lisa Hoffman Madagascar Orchid Candle

I can’t work in my home office without a candle flickering and giving off its delightful aroma while I come up with blog posts, travel content, and research.  Lisa Hoffman’s Madagascar Orchid Candle is in the home fragrance rotation and my goodness how potent this candle’s scent envelops a room.  I only burn it for 30 minutes and it lingers all day.  Too bad there is not a travel version, but since Lisa is an inveterate traveler I’m sure it’s in her idea book.

Dressing Up My Home

I had never heard of “bed day” until I read Kimberly Wilson’s Tranquilista.  Kimberly is the creator of Tranquil Space, the place where I get my yoga on in DC.  I used to think a bed day meant a nap. That can happen, but it’s not the case.  A bed day is where you stay in bed and relax.  Napping is an option, but it’s for reading, watching a movie, and doing absolutely nothing to make your heart smile.  The cold weather helps, but I plan to have a bed day every season.  I love a good bed made with high thread count sheets, lots of pillows, and comfy.  To my mother’s horror I am not a person that makes my bed every day.  But, after seeing this slide show on Elle Decor I might change that.

It’s high time I dress up my bedroom like I dress up myself.

Joya Orange Blossom and Pale Musk Diffuser

I'm late on the reed diffuser for my home scents.  I will always be a candle girl, but the diffuser is a great way to get the scent to last all day and night. Joya Orange Blossom and Pale Musk Diffuser is currently on my radar.  The modern look and feel of the decanter is hip without being to trendy.  It's not to girlie for any le beau of the house.  I will be in NY later this month and must make a stop at Barneys to give the scent scent a whiff.


Ma Jolie Maison: K. Hall Design Candle in Egyptian Jasmine

"I get it from my mama, my aunt, and my grandmother."  It's my candle obsession.  My mother always had candles burning in our home and just like her I need candles in my life.  When I travel I bring my candles with me.  It adds a touch of home no matter where I go.  Also, just like my mama I spend a ridiculous amount of money on candles.  My newest find came directly from my other home – Tranquil Space Yoga Studio.  Our studios boutique sells great candles, but when I smelled the K. Hall Design Egyptian Jasmine Candle.

K. hall designs

I knew I needed this in my house.  I also knew I needed to put it in my office, because l'homme is now on the candle bandwagon and lights every single candle in the living room – at the same time.  I wanted to keep this one all to myself.  That's why it's in my office. 

Ma Jolie Maison: Celerie Kemble’s Closet in Lonny Mag

One of my favorite lines in Sex and the City 2 is when Carrie is shopping with Samantha and the sales associate asks where has she been.  She replies "I've been cheating on fashion with furniture."  I'm identifiying with this line more and more since The Don and I are about to embark on a few home renovations.  If you were a fan of Domino Magazine (which Conde Nast needs to bring back) then you will love Lonny.  It's the Interwebs version of the fab magazine. 

In the current issue they featured interior design darling Celerie Kemble's home.  It's her closet that is making me weep with delight.  Although I'm trying to buy only items I love so my closet is not full of just okay items I can't help but find inspiration in these photos.  Her vanity is in the closet.  Genius.  The rooms are so dark and sexy and reminds me of Tom Ford.  I would pair the rooms with two of my must haves from his lipstick collection.  Smoky Red and Black Orchid are must haves in the beauty arsenal.

CK 1

{Smoke Red}

TF 1
{Black Orchid}

TF 2

CK 2


Ilume Modern Naturals Home Fragrance Collection

Illume candles are the perfect accoutrement to spending a weekend day lounging on the sofa reading a good thriller and plotting a trip to Paris.  I hope the strikes stop because I need to take my hubby home to meet the other side of my family – Mariage Freres, Printemps, Maille, Laduree, L'Avant Comptoir, and La Grande Epicerie.

Persimmon & Spice is my favorite scent from the Modern Naturals Home Fragrance Collection.  Illume is making me a real happy girl.  Happy weekend and Bisous!

Illume Modern Naturals

Bluemercuy + Tocca = Kona Candle

Bluemercury the premiere beauty emporium in Wasington, DC is celebrating its 11 year anniversary.  I didn't realize it has been that long. I remember buying from them before I moved to the area.  Bluemercury is still my go to location for my favorite niche beauty lines when I can't get to Juanita at Neiman's in Houston.

To celebrate their anniversary Bluemercury has a limited-edition gift bag with a few of their favorite lines.  The bag is available for the month of September and features amazing samples of brands such as Laura Mercier, Revive, Lafco, and Molton Brown. 

Bluemercury bag

To make this anniversary even more special, Bluemercury has teamed with Tocca to produce  the beyond-gorgeous scented Kona candle.  Marla Malcolm Beck the creator of Bluemercury used her childhood memories of the family home in Kona, Hawaii to create a scent that is perfect for the home.  This has been my go-to candle for weeks.

Kona Candle

Caldrea Essential Collection for Target

Caldrea for TargetWhile perusing the aisles of my local Target I came upon a top find.  Caldrea Essential Collection.  When did this hit the market? I'm way behind.  I discovered that Target had partnered with my beloved Caldrea to create a line for them.  This is major.  I cook a lot and knowing that I can find one of my favorite household brands at one of my favorite shopping destinations.  The collection comes in three scents: Olive Oil, Herbs de Provence, Citron Ginger, and a divine Plumeria.  I have the hand soap, lotion, and counterop cleaner. There is also dish soap and candles.  I'm on a no candle buying  moratorium until the end of September. Today I'm having a ton of people over to celebrate and I'm so glad I found these products just in the nick of time.

From Target:  "The Caldrea Essential Collection at Target offers a modern, luxurious
twist on household products at unbeatable prices,” said Stacia
Andersen, senior vice president, home merchandising, Target.  “By
offering these highly effective, practical products, our guests are
able to enjoy caring for their homes.”

Wellness also means having a home/abode/apartment/studio that makes you smile.  These new products have put a huge ginormous grin on my face. 

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