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Why I Love Beyoncé

I usually don’t talk about my celebrity crushes. I have a few, but one of my favorites is Beyoncé. We are from the same city, Houston and I grew up hearing about her talents. My very first weave was at her mother’s hair salon –  Headliners. Going to that salon gave me the excuse to visit Brazos Bookstore which was across the street and was a monthly fix for my dad and I.

I appreciate seeing hard work, talent, and drive at its best. Beyoncé is no exception. I watched the Year of 4 so many times that I can recite it verbatim. I was fortunate to see her in concert for her last tour and she blew me away. I even think le beau had a great time. I own all her concert DVDs and she is a constant inspiration. Watching her concerts are like watching your favorite movie over and over again.

If you need some inspiration watch this video and see Beyoncé run her world. Hopefully this will inspire to run your world too.

2010 Holiday Gift Guide: Stay by Heather Park

CD COVER FINAL3 After I've listened to all the Christmas music I can stand I need some real "grown folks" music to listen. I realize that I don't get a lot of today's music.  I want music that I'm not embarrassed to have in my car when my mother is riding with me, but I also want someone who can really sing.  So, this year it's Heather Park the original Seoul Diva.  No, I spelled Seoul correctly.  Heather is a talented singer and songwriter, friend, foodie, and fellow yogi.  This is the kind of music that warms my heart and has my head nodding to the beat.  This is a must have CD in the rotation.  If you are looking for real singing and real music. I need you get this CD.


In Rememberance: Michael Jackson (1958-2009)

MJ Words cannot express how sad I am because Michael Jackson is no longer with us.  I do understand how those who are gone are still in our hearts.  I remember my mom taking me to see him and the Jackson 5 for my first first concert.  As a little girl he was the the boy crush of ABC and Give Me One More Chance.  Next I was in love with Off the Wall and couldn't help my PYT self as I sang into a mirror with a hair brush singing Rock with You.

Next, it was Thriller. I thought Beat It would drive me to love dancing, but it was Thriller itself that sealed the deal.  I still know the main dance sequence and can do it at the drop of a hat.  I remember being at the Thriller and Bad concerts and being mesmerized. 

Michael, you will never be out of my life.   

Beyonce in Concert – She Reigns Supreme

P1020768Last night I saw Beyonce in concert for her I AM Tour.  If you never had the experience to see Beyonce in concert it's something that should not be missed.  I couldn't stop bouncing my head, snapping my fingers, and shaking my body to the music. 

She had me Crazy in Love when came out in all that Thierry Mugler glory.  All I can say is that Baby Boy she had me going from Hello.  It's amazing how many songs she's written – from Independent Woman, Survivor, Check On It, Upgrade You, Deja Vu, and Halo

Thanks to "The Don" for taking the photos. I was to busy being a Diva, with my Ego going on.  While I was Getting Me Bodied and trying to Listen I could feel the joy with all the Single Ladies who after her performance knew we had seen a legend and she is definitely worth it.

Thanks L'Oreal Paris for the opportunity!