Why I Love Beyoncé


I usually don’t talk about my celebrity crushes. I have a few, but one of my favorites is Beyoncé. We are from the same city, Houston and I grew up hearing about her talents. My very first weave was at her mother’s hair salon –  Headliners. Going to that salon gave me the excuse to […]

2010 Holiday Gift Guide: Stay by Heather Park

After I've listened to all the Christmas music I can stand I need some real "grown folks" music to listen. I realize that I don't get a lot of today's music.  I want music that I'm not embarrassed to have in my car when my mother is riding with me, but I also want someone […]

In Rememberance: Michael Jackson (1958-2009)

Words cannot express how sad I am because Michael Jackson is no longer with us.  I do understand how those who are gone are still in our hearts.  I remember my mom taking me to see him and the Jackson 5 for my first first concert.  As a little girl he was the the boy […]

Beyonce in Concert – She Reigns Supreme

Last night I saw Beyonce in concert for her I AM Tour.  If you never had the experience to see Beyonce in concert it's something that should not be missed.  I couldn't stop bouncing my head, snapping my fingers, and shaking my body to the music.  She had me Crazy in Love when came out […]