TOCCA Stella Hand Cream for a Blistery Fall Day

Stella Hand Cream

Who knew November would feel like January. I thought I was still in fall this week, but it seems the weather thinks it’s already winter. With that I have to prep and plan my moisture attack now. I hate to say this, but I think this winter is going to be brutal if we are [...]

Tata Harper Revitalizing Body Oil Has Changed My Life

Tata Harper Revitalizing Body Oil

I’ve been lurking and slowing acquiring beauty products from Tata Harper. It started with her Aromatic Bedtime Treatment that I applied behind my ears and to my temples. I then progressed to a few of the skincare treatments. Tata’s products are all natural and actually work for me. I needed a treat. A pick me [...]

For the Love of Soap

Nudo Soaps

I’m back from a glorious two weeks in Hawaii. The weather was great every single day and reaffirms that I need to live in a warmer climate. I love fall, but I know what comes after. Winter. The thought of buying a new North Face coat is not high on my list. I can’t even [...]

My Deodorant is Fancy, Huh!

Kai Deodorant

I spent most of the weekend watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix. I’m absolutely hooked. I know they already have a season 2 planned and I will be all over it. I still love scripted television. I understand watching mind-numbing reality TV, but there isn’t anything better than a well written show.  I [...]

Big Girl Bath Time: Aura Cacia Comforting Geranium Bubble Bath

Aura Cacia Geranium

It seems summer is flying by. This weekend I plan to do nothing. I plan on finishing August magazines before those super thick September magazines start overpowering my mailbox. As busy as I’ve been I have made it a point to spend more time luxuriating in the bath most evenings. Showers are so rushed. They [...]

The Body Shop’s Moringa Shower Gel

Body Shop Shower Gels

I have been working out like a mad woman. I have met a great group of people who are encouraging and fun. The days don’t end at the gym. There are lot of chats and emails to stay motivated. I’ve revamped my food to make sure what I’m eating is healthy and good for my [...]

TOCCA Bianca Crema da Mano Luxe Hand Cream

Tocca Bianca Hand Cream

The hand cream junkie in me has found a new love. TOCCA’s Bianca Crema da Mano Luxe Hand Cream has found its way into my pocketbook. I am obsessed right now with this hand cream. I’m on my second tube. The first tube was confiscated in the Cancun airport because I forgot to put it [...]

Manduka Recycled Foam unBLOK: My Yoga Practice Game Changer

Manduka Unblok 1

My yoga practice just got a new toy to hangout and play with. When I practice yoga at Tranquil Space I always like to use props. Many times people think using props are for wimps. Au contraire! Props work as an extension to your hands and feet. I didn’t have props for my home practice. [...]

This Beautimous Life: May 17, 2013

Hermes Jour d'Hermes Fragrance

This has been a busy week, but it has been so much fun. I was able to catch the preview of Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf, get fitted for a beautiful Wacoal bra, and meet up with old friends at a style event. The weekend is full as well, but I’m thankful. I’m really a [...]

Seed Relaxing Lavender Body Cream

Seed Body Cream

I’m back from a few days frolicking on the beach in Cancun for what I like to call my 2013 reset. I needed to get away so I could clear my head, work on me, and make preparations for some major items on my to-do list for the rest of the year. The weather was [...]

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