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Om Pretty: The Biker Barre Trifecta – Week 3

It has been said that it takes three weeks to make a habit. Well, I can say if you take any of these three teachers at Biker Barre that habit will happen sooner rather than later. The ladies are my initial Biker Barre Trifecta (Katie, Gabriella, and Ingrid). Gabriella is also a yoga teacher, so we definitely talk about maintaining our practice. Don’t get me wrong. There are other awesome instructors I have had there, but I didn’t have their photos. Bridget’s Wednesday 6:45pm is a beast and Allison’s Friday 7:00am class is full of energy and will have your heart pumping for the weekend.

As I head into the last seven days of my one-month unlimited, I have to say I’m super proud of myself and Monica for sticking with it. A few people have said they see I have lost inches and pounds, but I can’t. I do feel healthier and stronger. I see the fitness girl coming back and she’s happy. In September I plan to start treating myself to monthly massages and a more cute workout pieces as a gift for working out . Hopefully I will be able to add running back into the mix. I don’t know if full marathons are in my future again, but half-marathons, and possibly sprint triathlons are calling my name.

Will I renew my membership? Definitely. My goal is some form of physical activity everyday. I can do it. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can. Wish me luck.