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Votre Vu Eiffel Power Mascara

I’m currently channeling my super girl powers here in Louisiana. I am so relaxed and it is hard to put on makeup. I am having a blast hanging out with family, but I plan on putting on my face at least once before the husband arrives. In honor of Paris and this time of thanks I will be wearing Votre Vu’s Eiffel Power Mascara. Votre Vu is on of my favorite French brands and I am excited to finally try their mascara. I need a little pick-me-up and usually beauty does that. Being in the home where I spent a lot of my childhood with Mama Dear and her makeup counter makes me nostalgic for those good ‘ole days. I know she is looking down on me and telling me to apply another coat of mascara. Yes ma’am I will.

Lip Lovin’: La Mer Lip Balm

La Mer’s The Lip Balm is currently on my nightstand next to a pile of magazines and books. It is my go-to lip balm before bed and is part of my bedtime ritual. The ritual includes hand cream, reading, and aptly applying The Lip Balm. I didn’t believe the hype regarding this lip balm, but after using it I see why people love it. It is hydrating, moisturizing, and you wake up with super duper soft lips. I don’t carry it around because I have this weird thing where I only use lip balms in pots at home. It’s weird, I know, but I’ve been doing it forever and I embrace my weirdness. This lip balm will have you questioning your sanity because of the cost, but the results are priceless. La Mer really does make some good beauty.

Sunday Skincare With Kiehl’s Rare Earth Masque + Aveeno

I decided to start a new skincare routine with my Clarisonic. I normally use a creamy cleanser, but I wanted to try it with a foaming cleanser. I have been working out like crazy and all that sweating has produced tiny bumps on my forehead and sides of the face. I realized that my super gentle cleanser was not cutting it. I needed a little something, something. Aveeno Clear Complexion Foaming Cleanser to the rescue with my Clarisonic. I used Kiehl’s Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Masque afterwards and my face has been saying a huge thank you. This masque makes my face tight. I thought it was just me until I asked le husband did he notice a difference and said “tight” was well. Let’s hear it for the boy.

This Sunday routine is a keeper until the fall when I change with the season.

Chantecaille Ultra-Sun Protection SPF50

As I type this I’m thinking where has my summer gone. I’m headed back out of town in less than two weeks and I need many more nights of sitting on my patio, reading, and sipping wine. I know people are looking forward to fall, but I’m not. I want more hot days, so I can have more beach days. Beach days mean tanned skin, dewy, and limited makeup.

I was on the lookout for a new travel SPF and I found it. I knew I needed a few things – it needed to be in a tube and feel lightweight. I was perusing one of my favorite beauty websites and their she was. I needed enough SPF to survive the sun in Hawaii and that was easily accessible in a carry-on. I am not checking a bag and the majority of my sunscreen products are well over the size limit. Chantecaille Ultra-Sun Protection is just what I need. They also have a gel bronzer that I have my eye on, but I am trying to be good. We will see what happens.

Have a very happy weekend.

Girl Crush: Aerin Lauder’s New Makeup Collection

It’s no secret I have a huge girl crush on Aerin Lauder. It goes back to loving Estee Lauder since childhood. Mama Dear turned me on to Estee at a very young age. Now Aerin has stepped out with a few of her own beauty products and essentials that are right up my alley for fall. They are the perfect compliment to to her understated and sophisticated elegance that I have grown to watch over the years. Seriously, look at the photo above. I need that big gold chunky necklace in my lifestyle.

I have my beauty eye on the following products: Rose Lip Conditioner, Weekend Fall Style Palette, lipstick in Pout for Weekday, and lip gloss in Perfect Nude for Weekday. I cannot wait to rock them weekday or weekend.

Love this girl!

Jouer Essential Lip Enhancer

I want to personally thank my friend Susie for bringing the Jouer Essential Lip Enhancer to my life. I knew about the Jouer brand because I’m a fan of their lip sheers. But I didn’t plan on buying the balm. Well, on the train ride from Paris to Provence my girl Susie pulled it out on the train. Susie and I had been seeing each other at yoga, but we really didn’t know each other. Well after the train rides, yoga, subsequent art journal time, and hanging out – I have a little sister. This girl is hysterical and she’s a beauty junkie so we really hit it off.

I love the weight of this lip balm for summer. It’s moisturizing, but lightweight at the same time. I have been using it underneath lipsticks and lip glosses. I can’t get enough.

Dolce & Gabbana’s Monica Lipstick Collection

Red lipstick has been my 2012 thing. I am now trying, testing, swiping, and applying them every week. Some are better than others and Dolce & Gabbana’s Monica Lipstick Collection is one of the best. I love creme lipsticks. Metallics are okay, but a good creamy lipstick will always make my day. I have also ventured into other colors – hot pinks and oranges. The craze that is the bold lip is still hot and heavy and I can’t get enough. It is one trend I hope never goes away. It is fun and adds variety to my normal beauty routine. I have reverting back to my teenage beauty days – nail polish changes multiple times a week and lipstick changes hourly. It is so much fun being a girl.

I’m wearing Italian Monica and my stylist Monica is wearing Attractive Monica .

Boots No7 Poppy King Lipstick in History

There’ is a new red lipstick in my collection and it is courtesy of Target and Poppy King. The sheer loveliness of Boots No 7 Poppy King Lipstick in History is great for spring. It is not as intense a red that one might think. It glides on easily and leaves a perfect red hue to my lips. I have a few Lipstick Queen lipsticks, but I usually wear them in the fall since they are highly-pigmented. This is just enough pigment to be noticed and light enough that my lips don’t feel super heavy. I have also come to the conclusion that I can never have enough lip color. I wear lipstick to yoga ladies. Yep, I do. I suggest you order it now. It is just that lovely.

If you haven’t read her book Lessons of a Lipstick Queen please do so. It is a great book on believing in something, working hard, and seeing your hard work pay off.

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