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Pour Some Shimmer on Me!

Houston, I have a problem. I am addicted to shimmery body oils. I can’t help myself. I have to shine and sparkle all summer. I sometimes mix them with body lotion, but other times I use them alone. There are a few on the market, but my all time favorites are NARS Body Glow, Omorovicza Gold Shimmer Oil, and Nuxe Multi-Use Dry Oil Golden Shimmer. The oils have the best scent and remind me of the islands – any island to be exact. I also take a little of the NARS Body Glow and mix it with water in a spray bottle to add my own personal oil sheen to my hair so the aura of the island scent is everywhere. All summer long I pour some shimmer on me. If you haven’t ever used a shimmer oil I advise you to start summer. It is a taste of summer goodness for your body.

Omorovicza Essentials Kit

I’m a sucker for a good travel kit. The kind of kit that all the necessary face needs – cleanser, moisturizer, etc. But Omorovicza Essentials Kit has gone a step further and providing me a night moisturizer along in the kit. I’ve written before on the love affair with the Queen Helen Mist. I was shocked to find the mist in the travel kit. It’s perfect for refreshing on the plane, train, or automobile. It’s also great for a pick me up in what is soon to be a super hot and humid summer. The kit contains two cleanser. Count them people. Two. When was the last time you had enough cleanser in a travel kit. Although my makeup is a curated kit of essentials it’s nice to know that the cleansing routine at home will not be sacrificed on the road. If you have never tried the brand, it’s a perfect kit to start. In no time you will find yourself doing a beauty happy dance over how great the line is and why I am just now telling you about. Sorry, but in this situation, it’s better late than never.

P.S. I’m back from Jamaica tonight and this kit definitely made it into my carry-on.

Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist

Omorovicza Skincare is a Hungarian based line of mineral cosmetology using Hungary’s thermal waters. Deluxe is one way I can describe the Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist, but face saver is truly what it is. I wear sunscreen every day, but I’ve spent as much time as I could outside and at the beach. Isn’t that what summer is about? Sun, sand, and fun. My skin has truly taken a beauty beating.I have been using this mist morning and night under my moisturizer. It’s super hydrating. Some mists feel as though I’m spritzing my face with water, but this mist is more than that. A few nights I’ve used this mist alone as a moisturizer to test and see how hydrating my skin would feel the next morning. I’m happy to report that alone it’s great, but with a night cream it’s better.

I need to get to one of Omorovicza spas because I need an Omorovicza facial in my lifestyle.