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Paddywax Wanderlust Candle Collection

I always have the best time when I visit the New York International Gift Fair. I find so many items for the blog and for the boutique at Tranquil Space. Marq and I spent hours going through the stalls and as always I left a happy lady. Enter Paddywax Wanderlust Candles. The minute I saw them I was head over heels in love. I picked up the Paris (Lavender + Mimosa) and New York (Amber + Patchouli) scents and I’m hooked on both. I definitely plan to replace them once they run out which should be very soon since I light them everyday. Paddywax has blown me away again. They always know how to light my fire.

Paddywax Eco Collection Wine Bottle Candles

I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Paddywax Wine Bottle candles since January. After perusing the New York Gift Fair on behalf of my beloved yoga studio I could not help but wait for the day I could finally pounce, purchase, and enjoy. Today was that day. Of course it happened after my delightful yoga class, but my office is now filled with the scent of the Bordeaux Fig and Vetiver candle.

The candles are housed in recycled wine glasses which makes them super cute and are multi-purpose. I plan to use them for vases once the candle burns out. I’m dreading that day, but excited to know where to purchase more. I only picked one scent and there are 5 more to enjoy.  You can purchase the candles here.