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Palatium Arancia Dolce Bath Oil

I have been rewarding myself after my weekend teacher training with a long soak in the tub. Usually my Pandora station is tuned to Carla Bruni and there is a big glass of Malbec involved to ease all the aches and pains. If you practice yoga or any physical activity with a teacher next time after class, thank them. There is a lot of work that goes into being an instructor.

One reward for my big girl bath time is Palatium’s Arancia Dolce Bath Oil. This oil is a treat and I am using it sparingly. The scent is divine and not overpowering. It provides the right amount of softness to my skin and is what I need after 7 hours of sitting, practicing, assisting, and taking in so much information. Hopefully it will last throughout my entire teacher training. But knowing me, I doubt it.

Happy Monday!