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Embrace Your Curl Power with Paul Mitchell

It’s time to embrace your curls for the fall. The leaves are falling and the temperatures are dropping. This means your hair needs one word. Moisture. It happens to me every fall. The start of dryness on my curls. This year I’m going to try something different. I plan to drink more water so hydration starts from the inside out and I plan to use products with super moisturizing ingredients. Paul Mitchell Curls line has tons of products. If you have curls like mine, Paul Mitchell is looking for you. They need you to upload your picture with a short curl confession here. My hair was super dry in France and due to Sandy I’m here in London. I can’t wait to get home to slather my hair with Twirl Around and review my curls.


Paul Mitchell Full Circle Leave-In Treatment

I’m still testing out Paul Mitchell Curls products and have been using the Full Circle Leave-in Treatment for a few weeks. I use it when I give the curls a wash, but I am finding myself using it as a daily detangler. I comb through my curls every day and need something to help the comb ease through the tightness. I spritz my hair with water and then apply this lovely treatment. I have to add product to define the curl, but this product doesn’t way my hair down. It is lightweight and super moisturizing. I have become such a hair product junkie that my bin is overflowing, but this is the one product that stays in the bathroom. I’m hooked and love it that much.

Paul Mitchell Transforms My Curls

I didn’t think there could ever be a Paul Mitchell product I liked better than the Foaming Pomade. The foaming pomade is the stuff of legends. That thought was before I tested Paul Mitchell’s new Curls Collection. The collection is everything my curls have been needing in their beach lifestyle. The Full-Circle Leave-in Treatment adds lot of moisture to my dry sun damaged hair and it helps define the curl. I then add the Beachy Texture Cream Gel for definition and voila curls, curls, curls for days.

I am currently in Hawaii and happy to know that these products will give my hair the sustenance they need upon my return. For all my curly girls if you have a curl confession for Paul Mitchell head over to the Truth About Curls and unleash your curl dragon.