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Feasting Pretty: Root Liqueur by Art in the Age

I normally test and try different libations. I’ve ventured out much more than I used to. I have to thank my husband. I used to only be a wine girl, but I find myself loving spirits more and more. I stumbled upon one of my new favorite liquers recently at a birthday party. It was a gift to the birthday boy, but once I tasted it I had to control myself from not confiscating his bottle. Root Liqueur has been created in the old-school fashion as a true alcohol distillery. It is made in small batches and trust me is worth finding if you can get your hands on a bottle. I tried it with cream soda for an adult root beer. But if you are really adventurous try my grown up root beer float.

Grown Up Root Beer Float

1 shot glass of Root Liqueur
1/2 cup of Stewart’s Root Beer
1 and 1/2 scoops of vanilla ice cream (I prefer Blue Bell, but I can’t get it in DC)

Combine the Root Liqueur and Stewart’s Root Beer. Pour over ice cream and enjoy. Trust me on this. It won’t be your last Grown Up Root Beer Float.