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Skin, An Apothecary Soy Body Whip Has Whipped Me Good

I was intrigued by the name Skin, An Apothecary when Iris contacted me about trying the line. The name was different and so was the history. It was started by Iris’s aunt Candace. The idea of a niche family beauty business peaked my interest and I knew that I wanted Skin, An Apothecary products in the beauty arsenal. Wow. The first whiff of the Soy Body Whip in Aspen made me want to weep. It is the perfect scent for summer skin. If I could bottle summer, this would be it.

The company was founded in Aspen and captures its lush surroundings¬† with notes of lime leaf, grapefruit, amber, and pine. After the first application of this body whip I wished my grandmother Mama Dear was living to try it. She would have me on the computer ordering more jars so she wouldn’t run out. The potion lady and my Aunt P will definitely have this in their mailboxes soon. I need a trip to Aspen just to meet this family who created something so divine. I love Women Who Create the Pretty and make me proud to be a beauty girl.