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Spa Week $50 Spa Treatments

Spa Week

Spa Week is back starting today and so are their $50 spa treatments. Spa Week is a way to try out different spas and give your sexy self a little spring pampering for less. I think it’s the best time for a few massages and facials. Check the site for specials in your area.

Travel Diary: Desert Renewal in Mesa, Arizona – Day 3

Mesa Arizona Superstition Mountains

We started day 3 of our desert renewal headed to Mesa, Arizona. Mesa is suburb of Phoenix, but to visitors the city isn’t as known as say Scottsdale. That is changing. Mesa is full of fun things to do such as hiking and biking tours, yoga at Usury park, birding tours, canyon lake cruises, and apache trail rides. Day 3 was full of good food and another spa adventure. (I can never get enough of a spa). I really believe the best way to get to know a city is through its food.

Breakfast was at Vincent’s Market Bistro which is host a widely popular Saturday Farmer’s Market. Chef Vincent Guerithault is Phoenix’s French rockstar chef. He’s been holding court for over 20 years and combines his classic French-style cooking with Arizona’s Southwestern cuisine. He’s a James Beard award-winning chef. which in my opinion makes him a big food deal. I had an omelet which I forgot to take a photo before I devoured it. After living in Paris I am still convinced the French make the best omelets.


After a hearty breakfast it was time for some pampering at Fuchsia Day Spa. Fuchsia is such a lovely day spa that I really want to go back and have another service. The staff was pleasant and my mssage was incredible. I can never have too many massages. The spa’s boutique had these divine handmade candles and I left with a few goodies including this body oil.

{I love all the girly-ness of the spa}



You would think after such a lovely breakfast we wouldn’t be ready for lunch. But when lunch is at Joyride Taco House it wasn’t hard to get my appetite ready again. Au contraire. At the mention of tacos I was ready to eat again. It must be the Texan in me, because I really miss good tacos, Tex-Mex, and overall Southwest food. I was able to get my fix while sipping on multiple aqua frescas.

{Joyride Taco House Menu}



{Mexican Corn – I can never get enough}


After finishing another great lunch we headed to our new hotel – Hilton Phoenix/Mesa for regroup, unwind, and catch up on emails. It was only a few hours before we were headed out again to Queen Creek Olive Mill for their Italian inspired dinner. Yes, in Mesa Queen Creek makes olive oil. And it’s good. I was a little surprised by the quality of the olive oil. I’m such an olive oil snob because I use a separate olive for cooking and one for salads. Olive oil can be tasted in the same way wine can and it has just as many complexities.

Queen Creek also uses their olive oil in a multitude of beauty products. It didn’t take much for all of girls to start ooh-ing, aww-ing, swabbing, and slathering the products on our skin. I left with their lotion oil stick in lavender rose. Ladies, please order this product. It’s worth every cent and hearing the story and background from Brenda made me really want to support this local and smart brand.

It was another great day in the desert.





{Everything’s better with bacon, right?}


{Dinner under stars and lights}



Disclosure: I was a guest of Visit Mesa Tourism. All opinions are my own.

Travel Diary: Desert Renewal in Phoenix, Arizona – Day 2

Center for Well-Being

The best way to appreciate a desert renewal consists of being inside and outdoors. This renewal included yoga, hiking, spa treatments, and meditation. The Centre for Well-Being at The Phoenician is located at the center of the property and with up-close and breathtaking views and access to Camelback Mountain. The Centre is a respite from the busy city of Phoenix and it feels miles away. The Centre has traditional spa services such as massages, scrubs, body treatments, and facials. It’s the alternative spa experiences that make this spa different. You can get chakra readings (energy centers in the body), tarot card readings, thai yoga bodywork, acupuncture, and hypnotherapy by experienced and trained technicians.

I started my day with a yoga walk. A yoga walk is a silent and reflective walk interspersed with yoga poses at various locations on the property. What makes the walk fun is being in nature, practicing yoga, and seeing the beauty of the desert. The spa also offers the Camelback Hike which is a hike along the famous mountain. If you are fan of hiking this surely cannot be missed.

After my lovely yoga walk it was time to experience the spa’s signature warm spice scrub and massage. I am a fan of any and all types of exfoliation. I use body scrubs at home, but there is something when someone else does the hard work. It is relaxing and get the places that are often missed (the back). Plus, finishing an early morning exercise with a massage cannot be bad. My only drawback is that I wasn’t able to purchase the oil they used for the massage. I searched high and low in the boutique for the oil, but nothing. It’s only for the treatments at the spa. The boutique had an amazing sale and other products that I fell deeply in love with like H. Gillerman Organics and Zents

I finished my spa treatment with a guided meditation in the meditation atrium. When most people think of meditation they think of the people seated on the floor in stillness. Yes, that’s true. This guided meditation utilized relaxation chairs. This was my first reclining meditation and I am hooked. It was such a different sensory experience. I admit I didn’t want to leave and get dressed. I wanted to stay there in the atrium with another cup of tea and the quiet.

After our morning excursions it was time to experience culture and food. We toured the Desert Botanical Gardens and what a joy it was to see all the plants, flowers, herbs, and multiple types of cacti that grow in the desert. The saguaro cactus is the tall one most of us recognize as typical desert flora. But, after touring the garden , I discovered cacti in weird shapes and one that looked like snake. Seriously. The garden is home to numerous activities like healthy cooking classes with Chef Rachel Albert, sundown yoga (classes start again January 22), and the current Chihuly glass exhibit. Chihuly’s art is beautiful, moving, and worth finding his next exhibit should it grace your city.

We finished the evening with a delicious meal in the cellar at Il Terrazzo in The Phoenician hotel. The restaurant has always had the tradition of farm-to-table cooking and it is evident not only in the presentation, but in the flavor of the food. The wien pairing by the restaurant’s master sommelier was an excellent way to top of another great day in the desert. Renewed? Absolutely.

{Yoga Walk Path at The Phoenician}


{After a meditative yoga walk}


{Meditation Atrium}


{Desert Botanical Garden}


{It can’t be the desert without cacti}


{Cactus and Mountains}


{Sundown yoga under the sun, moon & stars. It doesn’t get any better}


{Our yoga teacher Emily. I can’t wait to practice with her again}


{Chihuly Art Work}


{Dinner in the cellar at Il Terrazzo at The Phoenician}


Disclosure: I was a guest of Visit Phoenix Tourism. All opinions are my own.

Spa-tacular: Massage at Piaf Salon ~ Washington, DC

I didn’t expect my massage to be that great. Seriously. My massage took place in an unassuming room. There wasn’t water trickling down a bubbling brook fountain or the sound of Enya playing through the speakers. Piaf is primarily a hair salon that does amazing work, but tucked in the back you will find Don. An amazing masseuse. I like to say his spa approach is definitely more therapeutic than I’ve had before. The last time I had a massage so intense was in Asia. Don asked me the obligatory question of “what is ailing you?” But, it took him explaining the way I tensed my shoulders to my ears, the way I walked a little hunched over, and the way I grabbed my knee while walking did he reveal “I know. I look at the whole person. The way a person walks into the room, they way a person sits down in the seat, and how heavy their handbag may be. The way the computer has them in a constant crouch position.” Okay, sir. Guilty as charged.

I make my way to the back of the salon for my massage figuring that a nice essential oil rub down was just the thing I needed. Was I wrong. I didn’t realize that the muscles in my clavicle (yes I’m giving you a little anatomy) would be that tight. I knew my shoulders were up to my ears, but after putting pressure on certain points on my upper body I realized (1) I need more therapeutic treatment and (2) you can’t judge a spa by the outside.

Piaf is one of the participating spas of Spa Week. You know about Spa Week, correct? Spa Week is where select spas and salons all over the country offer services for the low price of $50. If you live in the DC area I advise to call Piaf and request a massage with Don. Seriously you won’t be disappointed. Get pass the zen feel you need to relax. After 5 minutes on the table you will realize, this is all the spa escape I need.

Photo courtesy of

Destination Pretty: ELLE Spa at Eden Roc Renaissance (Miami, Florida)

It was bound to happen. Hotels have always relied on magazines for reviews, but an elusive partnership had yet come to fruition. Times have changed with the launch of ELLE Spa at the Eden Roc Renaissance in Miami Beach, Florida. Eden Roc Renaissance partnered with ELLE Magazine and it’s editors to create a lush spa oasis with an exceptional boutique chock-full of carefully selected products and accessories.

The editors’ selections include unique and niche beauty brands such as Decléor, Voya, Lollia, Strange Invisible Perfumes, Ahava, Hampton Sun, Red Flower, Tammy Fender, and more. For the chic beach goddess there is swimwear by Mara Hoffman and Red Carter, hats by Flora Bella, and jewelry from Citrine by the Stones and Anita Ko. These pieces can transform relaxed beachwear into casual glam looks to wear for lunch at The Cabana Beach Club or 1500 Degrees restaurants.

Upon entering this 22,000 spa, a serene waiting room awaits as you wind down and prepare for your treatment. The ELLE Spa Signature Facial uses Décleor products and is the perfect treat to the face after spending time in the surf covered in sunscreen. I suggest having Marilu transform your visage back into submission. The ELLE Spa Full-Body Recharge is from Red Flower designed to nourish the body in five steps. This ELLE Scrub Bar treatment using essential oils from Red Flower will leave your skin feeling hydrated, supple, and glowing. Perfect for a night on the town.

The spa boasts an exercise room with a glorious views of the grounds if you are the type of individual who actually exercises on vacation. There’s numerous ways to take the spa home with you, but the best frenemy worthy way is ELLE Spa’s Essie Nail Color in Eden and Roc of course. But, the best way to experience all the ELLE Spa has to offer is to plan a return trip like I’m doing for November.

Elle Spa Grand Opening | Serendipity Studios from Travis Cossel | Serendipity Stud on Vimeo.

Spa Week – April 11-17

Have you made your appointments for Spa Week? Spa Week is the annual event where spas across the country discount many of their treatments to $50.00. I won’t be home to participate in it, but I have in the past and it’s so worth it. I love being able to test out different spas, massage therapists, and facialists. I personally go for facials, body scrubs, and massages.  There are many more services including lash extensions, waxing, and body wraps.

Om Pretty: SpaFinder Wellness Week

I love getting a good deal and getting one at the spa is no exception.   I’m constantly working on the concept of “self love.”  This means no matter how busy I may I take time out for myself.  Instead of Calgon, Take Me Away – it’s I need a spa break and I’m putting myself on the list.  Last week I wrote about the book Nature’s Beauty Secrets which is my spa-la-la book for Spring.  Lo and behold I discover SpaFinder’s Wellness Week (March 21-27).

What exactly is SpaFinder’s Wellness Week.  It’s a week devoted to the wellness, which includes the spa, but also food, exercise, and in my case sleep.  Every time I visit a spa I always shop the boutiques for spa gifts that I can’t find at home.  Last year in Hawaii, I discovered Akhassa which is now one of my favorite beauty brands.

How have I been doing on my self-love initiative? Not that great. I feel I’ve been going at lighting speed, but I plan to change that today.  I’m putting down a self-love Saturday.  I’m grabbing my planner, finding a spa to visit for SpaFinder’s Wellness Week, and having a me time moment.

This is a sponsored post for Wahanda.

Destination Pretty: St. Regis Princeville and Halele’a Spa – Kauai, Hawaii

On my first trip to the Hawaiian Islands I paid a visit to the St. Regis Princeville and Halele’a Spa on Kauai’s North Shore.  Kauai has spoiled me.  It’s so relaxed and beautiful and the words “take your breath away” is definitely apropos in Kauai.  The St. Regis Hotel has everything one expects from this luxury brand.  It’s elegant,  classy, and warm.  It’s a grand property, but it exudes a small boutique hotel feel.

ST. Regis p.4

I had the Exotic Maile Massage which was what I needed after days and nights crammed at my desk, hunched over, and stressed.  The massage “eases away tension and soothes tired muscles with a unique treatment that incorporates self-heating seashells from the ocean.
The shells are heated from the inside by combining natural ingredients of
minerals, sea kelp, algae and salt water. This relaxing treatment concludes
with the Maile Massage Cream specially created to promote peace and joy.”

I visited Kauai while still in “wellness” mode.  It was the perfect
destination to regroup and recharge.  The property is located in Hanalei
(which has adorable shops, restaurants, and yoga studios).  The name
Halele’a means house of joy.  This is the brands first property in
Hawaii and I hope it is not the last.

Spa LoungeSt. Regis p.5

St. Regis p.7

St. Regis Princeville Makana Terrace

St. Regis Princeville Pool