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Strange Invisble Perfumes ~ Prima Ballerina

I think most girls are obsessed with ballerinas. It starts early. Ballerinas are enchanting. My fascination started when my dad took me to my very first performance of the Houston Ballet’s Nutcracker. Year after year this was my birthday “date” with dad. As a young adult I saw Lauren Anderson as the Sugar Plum Fairy and was moved to tears watching her dance. To see an African-American woman in the role was powerful. The Nutcracker is my favorite ballet performance. Now, my love of ballet infuses my love of yoga. It’s the stretching, the lengthening, the movement, the clothes and legwarmers.

I find my inner ballerina with Strange Invisible Perfumes Prima Ballererina Scent. This scent is decadence in a bottle with notes of sage, lime, and rose. It’s sensual, lush, and has a quiet strength. The combination is delicate, yet strong. It reminds me of my dad. He was tough. Being a police officer made him that way, but his heart was made of gold and full of love. He was the first example of the kind of man I should be with. And I married a good one just like him. I’m thankful that I listened to his lectures even though I was rolling my eyes when he was giving them. He is terribly missed.

He has been gone almost 13 years, but it feels like yesterday I lost him. My birthday is next month and in my family birthdays are a big deal. It’s my own personal holiday. If he was around he would ask what his princess wanted for her birthday. He would orchestrate dinner, the ballet, and some diamonds to add to the mix. This year it’s another bottle of Prima Ballerina that I will purchase in his honor. The little girl in me will always see myself as his Sugar Plum Fairy.