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Destination Pretty: TOMS Black Canvas Women’s Classics for Travel

I’m headed to Buenos Aires tomorrow and so excited to do another jaunt in one of my favorite cities in South America. I was there 7 years ago and the “Paris of South America” has held a special place in my heart. I’m glad to be heading back with new places to slumber, feast, and shop. I’m also thankful to friends with family to give me the inside scoop and to take me on a foodie tour of Buenos Aires. I’m also eyeballing some custom made boots, but that will be another post.

I’ve joined the legions of people who are addicted to TOMS Shoes. It took me 3 different Nordstrom’s to finally find this canvas pair, but I’m happy I tooled around the city in search of the shoes. The key to traveling is a neutral color palette and black never goes out of style. Plus, it transitions from the plane to a restaurant. I acquired some new beauty as well. I’m always the beauty girl. Seriously, these are the perfect shoes to walk around San Telmo, Puerto Madero, Recoleta, and Palermo while I explore a city I fell in love with so many years ago and pretend I’m a porteño. It’s also the perfect shoe to dance into the wee hours at La Bomba de Tiempo and feast at Cabaña Las Lilas in no particular order.