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Global Wellness Day with Four Seasons Hotel Washington, DC


I hope everyone had a glorious weekend. It was hot here in the DMV and I loved every single minute of it. On Saturday, I spent time at the Four Seasons Hotel in Washington, DC to celebrate Global Wellness Day. Global Wellness Day is just what it says – a day to celebrate wellness in various forms. It was also great to meet new local bloggers in real life instead of just on the Internet. For me, wellness is sleep, great food, and working out.

The Four Seasons Washington, DC is a true luxury destination and as a one of the invited media it was great to see the hotel participate in making wellness global. The hotel is situated in Georgetown, a popular area in DC and perfect for runners. The hotel’s spa is one of the best in the area for relaxation and rejuvenation.

The morning started with yoga (my personal favorite) outside with local instructor Christina Popescu. I normally practice in a studio and outside can always present challenges. Bugs, heat, uneven terrain, but the best thing about it is I have to focus on my breath and each posture.

{Yoga outside. I could get used to this.}


11267356_10153038059668095_1166165633276193256_n (1)

By the time, we sweated it out and finished with savasana I was so relaxed. Savasana takes on a different meaning outside listening to the birds and babbling canal water. After yoga is was a post-yoga green juice (Green Goddess) and superfood muffins (I need the recipe).

{Green Goddess Juice & Superfood Muffins}


The snack was a great preparation for breakfast. The hotel created the Green Machine omelette in honor of Global Wellness Day. I never have delicious Huevos Rancheros therefore I did my Texas duty and devoured mine. After lunch, it was time to relax in the spa area and because I never met a sauna or steam room I didn’t like I treated my body to a sweaty detox session.

{Green Machine Omelette}


{Huevos Rancheros}


{Spa treatment room}

Four Seasons Spa

I finished the day with a makeup session with local makeup artist Gavin Hebert using Jane Iredale products which I loved. I’m usually not a mineral makeup fan, but Gavin changed my mind.

{My before and after. My face felt light all day.}


If you want to see how other Four Seasons around the world celebrated Global Wellness Day search the hashtag #FSWellness. Thank you to everyone at the Four Seasons for such a lovely day. Ladies, let’s make wellness an everyday event.

Destination Hotels + Nest Fragrances Collaboration

Nest for Destination Hotels

Two of my favorite brands are partnering together. Beauty and travel are what I live for and I’m so happy now because Destination Hotels has partnered with Nest Fragrances for their amenities. I’m a fan of both of the brands. Trust me, you need to go stay at Terranea in California. It is still one of my favorite hotels ever. Read my reviews here and here. These are the hotel amenities you really want take home with you. Trust me.

Travel Lust: Four Seasons Johannesburg, South Africa

JBG_057_aspect16x9I haven’t been back to Africa since my epic trip in 2010 and now le husband and I are itching and ready to travel back. We have so many family obligations this year, but we are planning for 2016 and I am so excited. When we visited before for the World Cup we didn’t make it Johannesburg (Jo’burg) because we didn’t have tickets for any games in the city. Now we plan to hit up Jo’burg, a safari and Ghana. Yes, we like to do Africa big.

I am so excited to know that my luxury will get its must-have fix at the newly opened Four Seasons Johannesburg. First, can we discuss how gorgeous the property is and the fact I want to dive deep into the rooms and definitely the bath rooms. After a day touring the city I’m going to need a respite, an oasis to escape and the spa with nine treatment rooms and two pools will be the perfect place to relax.

The hotel sits over the Johannesburg zoo and is a lush urban escape. The hotel has five dining options and I know the food will be delicious since the chef is from a three-starred Michelin French restaurant.

JBG_115_aspect16x9 JBG_117_aspect16x9

 {I don’t play golf, but I would love to walk these grounds}

Sun City Golf Course Northwest Province , Johannesburg,South Africa

{A gorgeous place for cocktails}



{Hello, good morning}


{Let’s take a dip, shall we?}


{I want to sit on this couch and read multiple books on adventures}


{Can we have a moment of silence for this bathroom}

JBG_038_aspect16x9Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff
67 Jan Smuts Avenue
P.O. Box 2700, Saxonwold 2132
Johannesburg, South Africa


Travel Diary: Sofitel Biarritz le Miramar Thalassa Sea & Spa

Travel Diary Sofitel

I wanted to start your new year with one of my favorite travel diaries from the Sofitel Biarritz. After the Paris Beauty 2014, we headed to Biarritz via Rail Europe, in the South of France to experience true thalassotherapy. Thalassotherapy is the use of sea water as therapy. Since the Sofitel Biarritz le Miramar Thalassa Sea & Spa is located on the sea it was a great place to start the journey.

In France spas are considered a part of wellness. It’s not just for a birthday or mother’s day present. It is as essential as going to the doctor for a regular checkup. It helps lower blood pressure, rejuvenate and reinvigorate. The hotel is located on the cusp of Basque country. It’s only a 30 minute drive to Spain. The hotel is one of the luxury hotels in the area with sea views from every room. It boasts a spa obviously, salon, fitness center, bar and restaurants. The property is small and intimate and it is a getaway. This hotel is luxury personified.

The luxury hotel by the sea was a great introduction in the world of thalassotherapy. Stay tuned for posts on my fabulous spa treatments.

Sofitel 1

Sofitel 2

Sofitel 3

Sofitel 4

Sofitel 5

Sofitel 6

Sofitel 7



Sofitel 8


Sofitel 9

Sofitel 10

Sofitel 11


Sofitel Biarritz
13 rue Louison Bobet
64200 Biarritz

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Holiday Gift Guide 2014 – The Traveler

Traveler Gift Guide

As a frequent traveler there are certain items I need when traveling. It has taken me a few years, but I have it down to a science. My toiletries are always packed and ready to go, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few things that I should add to my travel repertoire.

Tumi Alpha 2 International Expandable Four Wheeled Carry-On. I’m a huge fan of Tumi suitcases. My current carry-on has been to four continents and it’s just getting started. I really want a four wheel suitcase and all I can think about this Tumi one. Tumi makes quality luggage and this one has my heart beating.

Flight 001 Spacepak. I have never used a Spacepak, but my friend Carol swears by them. On my trip to California next year I’m going to give them a go. We will see how it goes.

Gigi New York Jessica Zipper Tote. I go through travel totes often. I need it to hold my MacAir, iPad, Kindle, magazines, wallet, cosmetic case, and other items. I usually have a tote that is open, but this Gigi New York tote has a zipper on top which will protect my belongings.

Kindle Voyage. And speaking of my Kindle, I never leave home without it. I love real books. I do, but for traveling and saving my back and shoulders I go electronic. My chiropractor and acupuncturist thanks me too. I usually pack one real book in my carry-on. If I’m traveling over 10 days I will pack books in a checked bag that I don’t plan on bringing back home.

Moleskin Passions Travel Journal. I love recording my thoughts and keeping track of my travels. A travel journal allows me to save receipts, make notes of restaurants, and things that I would normally miss. I also like putting pen to paper. I don’t have to worry about accidentally deleting a note.

Sol Republic Punk Speaker. I listen to music and podcasts when traveling and this speaker allows me to not be tied down to my phone or iPod. It’s wireless Bluetooth syncs with my computer or phone and I can dance and rock out in my hotel room.

FRENDS Ella Earbuds. Call me old school, but I don’t like headphones. They hurt my ears and I have tried on them all. I stick to good earbuds that also double as a microphone. They are also gorgeous as well.

Travel Diary: Paris Beauty Tour 2014 – Paradis Latin Cabaret


Paris is known for their cabarets. To most people the famous cabaret was a popular Oscar-nominted movie, but Paradis Latin Cabaret is actually older than the one known in the movies. The cabaret was designed by Gustav Eiffel, the designer behind the Eiffel Tower. Paradis Latin has over 50 dancers and can accommodate over 700 guests for dinner and the show. We were treated to a behind the designs and backstage tour. As you can see from the photos the dancers have perfected their stage makeup. I spoke with the dancers’ captain Vanina Rouvier and she told me they can do their entire face in 30 minutes. Wow. She states she rarely wears makeup outside of her job. The key she said to maintaining their flawless skin is lots of water, CILS makeup remover, and rest.

Our group, the American bloggers, had a table in the center of all the action. At one point the arobatics of part of the show literally had us knocking over our drinks because we weren’t ready for how close we were to part of the show. The cabaret’s dinner menu consists of a fixed menu and wine. Each table has champagne to start to toast the evening and the closing. I try to eat as much foie gras as I can when I’m in France and the one at Paradis Latin didn’t disappointment. The kitchen is the original kitchen and the food is prepared fresh upon order. Let’s just say restaurant week in America can take a cue on how to feed 700 people with food made to order

The cabaret features nudity, but it is tasteful. It’s not just a T&A show and the dancing is impeccable. They have 5 male dancers and the show features various dancing, but it’s the Can-Can dance that takes the show. The cabaret offers Can-Can classes and I think it would be a lot of fun to learn the dance in France.

The cabaret’s visitors are mainly French. Let that sink in for a minute. Seventy percent of the guests each night are French. If it’s good enough for them, then it is good enough for me.

Paradis Latin Cabaret
28 Rue du Cardinal Lemoine
Paris, France 75005
Metro: Cardinal Lemoine





































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Travel Diary: Paris Beauty Tour 2014 – French Beauty Shopping at Pharmacie Monge


After expanding our fragrance wardrobe and lunch it was time to visit a traditional French pharmacy – Pharmacie Monge and the soon to be opened Perfumerie Monge. Pharmacie Monge is one of the largest pharmacies in the city with over 2500 visitors a day.

First, let’s discuss Parisian pharmacies. Pharmacies in Paris sell a plethora of skin and beauty brands. It’s more than a drugstore. It’s a beauty destination where women get high end and every day products, as well as, pick up prescriptions. Pharmacie Monge actually consists of three different stores next to each other – beauty, home, baby. Think of all the French brands you see in the states including Clarins, Caudalie, and Nuxe. They are all in the pharmacie and a few items you can’t find in the states such as the Caudalie Fig Fragrance, Biguine makeup, La Roche Posay makeup and Eucerin’s ph5 Oil Bodywash which I had to have.

My adoration of the pharmacy is to stock up on all the items I can’t find in the U.S. and the ones that are 4 times as expensive because they are imported. The two important ones are Avibon, which they don’t make any more, but I found a replacement Fletagex and Homeoplasmine. Avibon/Fletagex are pure retinol, also known as, Vitamin A. Retinol is the one product that will diminish the appearance of wrinkles and this product is thick like an ointment. It’s made a significant difference in my laugh lines over the past few years. The other product is Homeoplasmine. This ointment is good for cuts, burns, rashes, and it works fast. If I burn myself cooking I apply this before anything else. Voila, healed.

Many of the ladies were new to the French pharmacie experience which is a madhouse. Imagine Black Friday shopping, but on a regular day. It’s worth it. I am a huge fan of the Caudalie Beauty Elixir and have been for years. I never step foot on a plane without one. It’s half the price here. You know I stocked up.

Pharmacie Monge has just opened a perfumery across the street. I can’t wait to bring the group back next year for visit.

Pharmacie Monge
74 Rue Monge
Paris, France 75005
Metro: Place Monge


{Ricardo of My Paris VIP having fun with us!}



{The participants were gifted with a 100 Euros to shop!}


{The now open Perfumerie Monge}


{Carmen blowing a kiss to all these French beauty products.}

{Homeoplasmine get in my basket!}


 {Beauty shopping is hard work!}

Beauty shopping

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Paris Beauty Tour 2014 – Lunch at La Taverna with My Paris VIP and the Pharmacie Monge Team

La Taverna

The group was treated to lunch by Ricardo of My Paris VIP and the Pharmacie Monge Team. La Taverna is located in the heart of the seventh district on the Champ de Mars. The restaurant is owned by Chef Didier who also owns Café Blue Roi at Versailles.. The restaurant is small, quaint, and has amazing food. They actually make their bread in house.

The meal was a great way to discuss what makes Paris so special and the French joie de vivre thanks to Ricardo. Our hosts were lively and explained the misconceptions of the French. He explained the dance of greeting that happens in shops. In America we typically walk into a store and expect them to greet us. In France, it’s the opposite. The customer says hello first and the relationship begins. If you are used to speaking before greeting I highly suggest not doing that in Paris.

Our menu consisted of appetizers, a delicious main course and dessert. Before lunch I asked the participants to put away their phones. I know this is hard in the U.S., but you don’t see people disconnecting with their dining companions as much in France. The meal was over two hours which is normal outside of the states. It was more pleasurable due to the fact we were all present. I understand the distraction of technology, but it was great just experiencing a meal without wondering if I needed to check email.

La Taverna
22 Rue du Champ de Mars
75007 Paris, France
Metro: École Militaire










This post is brought to you in collaboration with Atout France – France Tourism Development Agency, My Paris VIP and Pharmacie Monge. All content, ideas, and words are my own. Thanks for supporting the sponsors that allow me to create new and special content like this for All About the Pretty and Luxe Beauty Journeys.

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