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Destination Pretty: Tumi Beach Tote

I’m a certified beach babe. I love it. I can’t get enough. I leave the beach only to think of my eminent return. I found the perfect beach tote to hold my magazines, sunscreen products, and beloved Kindle. I love my iPad, but you really can’t read it in direct sunlight. I was perusing one of my favorite stores online when I came across this “I-must-have-in-my-life” Tumi Beach Bag.

I have tried many beach bags and I realized that the better the quality the longer it lasts. I’ve been using a Tory Burch Tote for years, but now it has finally seen enough of my beach-loving ways. I want something new and this Tumi Beach Bag is my latest beach obsession. I have two more beach trips planned this year and this bag would be perfect for Jamaica and the Dominican Republic.

Destination Pretty: Tumi Just In Case Tote

I’m always on the lookout for travel accessories and seeing that Tumi has been my obsession for the past few years. I’m always on the hunt to see what new travel bags they have for summer.  Their nylon products are durable and strong and I think this Just In Case Tote in the floral print needs to be added to be added to the collection.  I’ve finally mastered my carry-on situation, but I’m always in need of an extra bag to bring home my travel goodies.  The durability of Tumi is astonishing.  I’ve treated their Quintessential Tote harshly over the past year and I have to say it has lasted beyond what I thought.  I had a red pen leak into the tote and after being told to wash it I thought I had ruined it.  I didn’t.  It came out in perfect condition.  It made me an instant fan and I’m hooked for life.