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Wellness Wednesday: Wanderlust 108, a Mindful Triathlon

In my never ending quest to stay healthy and fit, I have decided to start trying different fitness events to challenge me and get me out of my comfort zone. As a yogi, we are reminded often the only thing constant is change. It’s not always the easiest concept to grasp and as I get older it really hard to accept so much change I can’t control. Instead of going with the flow and being mad, I have decided to go with the flow and have fun. Smile, laugh, and wear a hot pink lipstick in the process.

One way I’m getting through the changes in life is to embrace fun. I mean the things that inspire and motivate me. I have been loving the concept of Wanderlust from a music and yoga festival to mini events all over the country. It takes yoga outside of the studio and into the world, literally. Wanderlust 108 is touted as the world’s kindest triathlon. What exactly does that mean? “This ‘mindful triathlon’ brings three events together in your favorite local park: a 5k run, an outdoor yoga experience, and a guided meditation — but with a twist.”

I know this is going to be a fun event and I hope this ankle injury I’m dealing with is healed by that time. I hope to see you there. I know this is going to give me the Wanderlust bug because I already have my eyes on the Wanderlust festival in Oahu in February.

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Destination Pretty: Wanderlust Yoga + Music Festival

Finally. These are the words that I uttered when I decided it was time I high tail it to a Wanderlust Festival this year. After going back and forth between locations (California, Colorado, & Vermont) I decided it was time to get my pretty girl rocky mountain high on. I will be attending and covering the Wanderlust Yoga + Music Festival this year from the divine Copper Mountain Resort. I’m already thinking of my mountain-yogi-chic look as I type this and which lip glosses can get me through 4 days of yoga fun.

Wanderlust is a Yoga & Music festival with celebrity yoga instructors, cooking demonstrations, main stream artists, and lectures. I’m excited about taking class again with Seane Corn. I seriously love this woman. I remember her Detox Flow class at a conference in 2007. It kicked my butt in the good feeling way. One highlight for me is hearing Ziggy Marley sing to me while practicing yoga. I can already see the happy face and smile I will be wearing listening to “Love is My Religion.” This free spirit plans to soar in the Colorado mountains.

I plan to put some vlogs on the entire festival on the blog. I need to see if one of my yoga friends will be my camera girl.