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Wellness Wednesday: UP24 by Jawbone

Jawbone Up

If getting fit and healthy was part of your new year’s resolution I highly recommend the UP24 by Jawbone. I received the band as one of my birthday presents from my husband. Let me say I specifically requested the UP24. I sent an email saying “I want this for my birthday.” I first heard about the Up24 from my girl Amber on our annual trip to Hawaii last year. I was definitely intrigued, but I needed a little more research. Fitness bands are all the rage and there are many brands on the market I wanted to make sure I was getting the right one. I just should have listened to Amber from the beginning.

What makes the UP24 unique and better, in my opinion, is it’s sleep tracker. I am not the best sleeper and I have said that numerous times on the blog. My mind races and I start off great, but between 3-4am my eyes open. The Jawbone tracks deep sleep, how many times I get up, and how much sleep I really got. When I see the number slip below my goal of 7 hours a night, I know I need to do better.  This caused me to change up my night routine and now I’m averaging my 7 hours.

Do you work in a desk job? UP24 has an idle alert that can alerts you when you’ve been sitting too long. I set my for 30 minutes. This helps me to get up and stretch, do a few forward folds, and makes my chiropractor happy. It’s a win/win situation all around.

My favorite part of the UP24 experience is my team. Team? You add your friends who also have the UP24 to your team and they cheer you on with comments and cute emojis for your workout and meeting your goals. You also get to see if they are on track with their health goals too. My team gets to see what I ate (you can link the UP24 to My Fitness Pal), what workouts I’m doing, and if I was able to sneak in a power nap (yes the UP24 is a stopwatch too).

Get the UP24 in your healthy lifestyle. Game changer. Thank you Amber.

reBloom Beauty Sleep Drink

I’ve chronicled before how I seem to have trouble sleeping.  I just spent a week at Rancho La Puerta in Mexico and my lack of sleep went away with fresh food, fun workouts, and getting away.  [A full review is coming in a few weeks].

I could sleep for 12 hours and hard.  Once I started traveling in my late twenties something happened.  I just can’t sleep like that anymore.  My mind races.  I’m like a kid that needs a good sleep routine – hot bath, boring book, cold bedroom, nice sheets, and maybe I can sleep a solid 8 hours.  It doesn’t help that I’m a former runner and used to wake up at 4:00am to get a run in.  But, that was before the move to DC and sleeping alone.

I used to be addicted to a sleep aid, but over the years I constantly search out alternative natural sleep remedies.  reBloom Beauty Sleep Drink is what I’m using right now.  I grabbed this from Erika when we were in New York at the gift fair. The drink was created by Jonathon Bunt for his fiancée – another sleep aid addict.  This is a natural product that contains Valerian, Melatonin, L-Theanine, and Chamomile. I don’t drink it every night.  I limit myself to once a week and/or one night on the weekends.  I also use straight Melatonin, but reBloom works wonders.  I used my last one last night after a hellish travel day.