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DC Living: Maryland Wine Passport Experience

Maryland Passport Wine

If you are in the Washington, DC area and wondering what to do this weekend or next weekend, I suggest the Maryland Wine Passport Experience. You might be saying to yourself “I didn’t know Maryland made wine.” Yes, they do. The Passport Experience is a self-guided tour through the wine trails of Maryland to see the culture and wine each region offers. The passport also allows you to go on both weekends to explore local wine, attractions and dine at a few of the restaurants.

Hopefully, I will see you on the trail.

Feasting Pretty: Jessup Cellars Wine Ambassador (Please Vote for Me)

Dearest readers. In February Jessup Cellars in Napa Valley, California put out a call on Facebook for a Wine Ambassador.  Jessup is choosing four individuals as ambassadors and I made the Elite Eight. What I need for you all to do is vote for me on Facebook.  The voting ends April 1 and you can vote once a day.  The winners will be announced April 8.  You don’t have to have an account to vote for me.  I’ve attached a snapshot of my entry.  I love me some wine and this would be a fun opportunity to learn more about my wine, Napa, and Jessup Cellars.  Of course my head is overloaded with ways to pair the Jessup Wines with my Southern flair for food, hospitality, and cooking.

A big Merci Beaucoup!

Here is the link.

Here’s a little information on the prize:  The Grand Prize includes a free trip to our tasting room in Napa Valley for four different winners. Our chosen four will also be titled Jessup Cellars Wine Ambassadors and for six months after the trip are responsible for hosting three Jessup Cellars wine tasting parties for friends and neighbors and blogging about their experiences on the Jessup Cellars’ blog.

Wine Wednesday: Riondo Pink Prosecco Raboso

All winter long I have been only drinking red wine. The thought of drinking a cold beverage when it’s cold outside does not appease my palate. I’m buying cases of Malbec at the time, but recently had a glass of white wine with mussels and now I’m all about something crisp and flavorful as the last days of old lady winter starts to vanish. Riondo Pink Prosecco Raboso is on my spring sipping list for wine.  Prosecco is Italian sparkling wine.  It works well with many things you could normally use champagne for – mimosas, kir royale, etc.  I prefer it on its own.  I usually drink plain Prosecco, but this pink one has my name all over it.  Thankfully I found a store in my area that carries it.  Fashion is busy planning Fall 2011, but I’m looking forward to Spring, Summer, and warmth.

What are you looking forward to for Spring?